S = Singel, A = Album, EP = EP

  SANDY LOUISE  Cry out my name (S)
Datum:30-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-28
Cry Out My Name is the fresh new release from Newcastle, NSW based Singer Songwriter Sandy Louise. Co-written with Cheryl Anderson, recorded, produced, and featuring the talents of Bill Chambers, this song is a gritty bush ballad sharing the story of ‘Jesse Hickman’ aka ‘The Lady Bushranger’ a bushranger from NSW whose life was full of action and embedded in history. Sandy has given Jesse a voice to tell her tale in this single, which will be featured on Sandy Louise’s upcoming album release Live For Today.

As long as she can remember Sandy has always loved to sing. Her songwriting has been such an important outlet through her life. It captivates who she is, her life's experiences and reflects her heart and soul. Sandy says it's important to her to be true to herself in all she does, and her songwriting shows her honesty and what's truly important in her life. Her music certainly keeps her sane in a busy and fast paced world.

Artists who have influenced Sandy's writing are Kasey Chambers, Jewel, Adele, Melody Moko and Tori Forsyth, but to name a few. In 2014 it was a dream come true to share her debut album Right Beside You with the world. In late 2017 after much hard work, Sandy released her second album The Other Side.

She has also taken on the role of regional coordinator in the Newcastle area for The Australian Songwriters Association and runs a monthly Wax Lyrical open mic for songwriters at Carrington Bowling Club along with hosting "Songwriters Sing" at a variety of venues in the Newcastle district. She loves supporting live, local, and original music and it's been a great way for her to network with musicians across many genres and styles. Sandy enjoys performing around local festivals, markets and venues singing a variety of her favourite tunes from the 80's to today's current hits along with her original music. She's also available for weddings and special events.

Sandy released her third album Blue Skies Open Eyes in March of 2019. It was recorded and produced by Bill Chambers and mastered by Jeff McCormack. The album features 11 original songs including three charting hits being "Skinny Jeans" and "Love Crashes Down" and "Falling For You."

Sandy is having such a great experience working with Bill Chambers that they are now compiling her fourth album which she plans to release mid-2022. The next single from the album "Give Me a JD" will be released to radio mid-November.

  CLAIRE O´HARA KENNEDY  Papa wrote a song for mama (S)
Datum:30-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
Claire has over 30 years experience singing at school and in local church choirs. She also helped out with the Children’s Youth Choir in Tallaght, Dublin in Ireland. Claire is a recording artist, in partnership with local musicians and songwriters, who has recorded several songs released on Spotify. Originally from Tallaght, Claire moved to Donegal in 2022. She quickly became an active member of two of Donegal's most sought after choirs; EnCór and Donegal Abbey Singers. Claire values her experience with these well renowned choirs. As well as being a recording vocalist, working with other writers, Claire has completed 3 years of musical theatre and theatre studies with Inchicore and has sung at numerous events including hundreds of weddings, funerals, nursing homes and festivals throughout her musical career. Claire met Sinead not long after her move and after the obvious connection, through their shared love of singing, they decided to create The Ceremony Singers. Claires sweet Irish vocals easily carry her new single released to international radio “Papa Wrote A Song For Mama”.

  BLANDADE ARTISTER  Blue Shamrock Music - September 2023 (A)
Datum:29-09-2023Label: Blue Shamrock MusicHemsida: blueshamrockmusic.comReleasedatum: 
  1. LANCE FRIEND:; Windscreen view
    This song is aimed at inspiring people to look beyond what is right in front of them. Having spent years on the road travelling and taking in the many picturesque views this great vast country has to offer, ‘Windscreen View’ is about taking the time to look and see the glory before us all beyond our windscreens. City people live such hectic lives and time can pass them by before they’ve had the chance to travel and see it for themselves and we are all guilty of taking our surroundings for granted in our day-to-day routine. We all view the world so differently, often only seeing the beauty when we have our cameras open and are looking for it but it is always there, we just don’t see it. We are lucky to live in a country that has so much to offer and hopefully this song will inspire more people to take notice, to get out and ‘see the glory through the glass’.
  2. AINSLIE ALLEN: Don´t wanna be lonely
    Ainslie Allen New Single 'Don't Wanna Be Lonely’ ‘Don’t Wanna Be lonely’ is a fusion of Alt Country, Bluegrass, tied with a lush reggae beat. Recorded at Kross Kut Records QLD with Lindsay Waddington at the helm. Ainslie says, ‘Waddo had a funky bluegrass, reggae instrumental he played to Cas (Allan Caswell) and I, we immediately put pen to paper and recorded this track the very next day’. Incorporating Ainslie’s Maori heritage in the lyrics, she says, ‘I’m always finding ways to connect with my culture through my music”, “This track is grooving with the summertime vibe, I’m digging this fresh direction in music’
  3. STEVE CHEERS: Roger that
    Male or female, there's a little bit of Roger in us all - hard done by, underachieving, unappreciated ... and a tiny violin playing just for our benefit! A story which we can all relate to in some way as well as have a bit of a giggle. "Roger That" is a catchy, upbeat song about the importance of communication. The song is set to a driving country-rock beat, and Cheers' vocals are clear and heartfelt. The song is sure to be a hit with fans of country music and beyond. Steve Cheers is a talented musician and songwriter with a long and successful career in the Australian music industry. His new single, "Roger That," is a great example of his songwriting skills and his ability to connect with his audience. I am sure that this song will be a hit with fans of country music and beyond.
    Three of Australia’s most prolific songwriters, Terry Bennetts, Kelly Dixon and Brian Letton, have joined ranks to pen this true, real-life ballad that tells the story of a woman who moves to the city from the family farm where she grew up and how, in later years, her family grown and moved on, she is now alone. She decides to travel and to see Australia and in a holiday park in northern WA, she joins fellow holiday-makers as they listen to the resident entertainer singing ballads and story songs of Australia. This song, “She”, tells the story. A fresh and modern ballad, recorded and produced by Rob Breese at BeatNtrak Studios in Tamworth. Brian’s vocal delivery is clear and strong with the rare kind of warmth and richness that is his trademark. “SHE”, destined to become another Brian Letton ’classic’.
  5. JACK WATSON: Nothing´s going to stop us now
    Jack Watson, is set to take the music world by storm with the release of his highly anticipated debut single, "Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now." Written by Allan Caswell, Lindsay Waddington and Jack himself and recorded with Lindsay Waddington on the Gold Coast Australia. Jack Watson is an Australian singer/songwriter combining art, story, and song in perfect unison. With his exceptional vocal abilities and magnetic stage presence, Jack has won the hearts of audiences and claimed victory on various international stages. His debut single, "Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now," is set to make waves in the music industry, solidifying his position as a rising star to watch. "Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now" is just the beginning of Jack Watson's promising musical journey. With his unique sound and unwavering determination, he is poised to make a significant impact on the global music scene. Fans and music lovers alike are advised to keep a close eye on this rising star as he prepares to unleash his talent and passion to the world.
  6. SUZIE KEENAN: Broken wings
    ‘Broken Wings’, the debut single from singer songwriter Suzie Keenan is a gracious telling of endings that holds hope for new beginnings. The powerful imagery of broken wings being healed by the bonds of a relationship, only then to have the courage to break free is a candid song of honesty and grace. With elegant, mature songwriting and breathtaking vocals, Suzie Keenan is a recording artist of merit with heart and soul. This song is truly a captivating listen.
  7. JASE LANSKY: Broken
    Like all songs written by Jase Lansky, 'BROKEN' is based on true events, and tells the story of love and loss. "I wrote 'BROKEN' from the perspective of that Broken Heart trying to figure out what went wrong with their relationship. I had just gone through consecutive weeks where my closest friends and family had ended their marriages, which really affected me personally. Each of the break-ups came as a great shock, to the point where I was even questioning my own marriage - Are we good? Am I missing anything? Do I need to be better?" "Seeing friends and family go through this is devastating, so I hope this song reaches out to all those Broken Hearts and lets them know they are not alone".
  8. SANDY SUMMERS: Devil in her heart
    Sandy Summers has well & truly landed and is getting over jet lag quickly with the release of her second single “Devil in Her Heart”. Referring to it as her devil song Sandy says it has a dark feel to it and is delivered in an outlaw style inspired by her likes for music from Jayne Denham & the Brothers Osborne song “Midnight Riders Prayer”. “Devil in her Heart” is essentially about domestic violence & standing up for yourself. Sandy says she was raised in an era where there was a code of silence attached to DV. Sandy says it’s still not easy to talk about in person, but her music allows her to do so. She encourages anyone to gain support by seeking help. Written by Sandy Halverson, produced by Hillbilly Hut’s Simon Johnson “Devil in her Heart” has an element of mystery; recorded in a slower paced minor key fitting in well with the EP’s stormy theme aptly named Summer Storm.
  9. ANGUS GILL & SEASONS OF CHANGE: Can´t kiss you over coffee
    ‘Can’t Kiss You Over Coffee’ is an upbeat, witty track written by Gill and Billy Miller from The Ferrets (of ‘Don’t Fall in Love’ fame). Driven by Gill and Miller’s charming electric guitar parts, giving a nod to late ‘60s rock ’n' roll in Australia, the catchy track will have you singing along with the infectious ‘Can’t Kiss You Over Coffee’ hook. The song is lifted from Gill's ARIA chart topping fifth studio album, ‘Departure & Arrival’.
  10. DIANNE LINDSAY: You´re a hero to me
    This lovely track is written from the heart and tells the true story of Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean, a young Tasmanian sailor in the Royal Australian Navy during the Second World War. He made the supreme sacrifice in the endeavour to save his fellow seamen with an act of extreme bravery and unselfish sacrifice. He was honoured by the highest award the military could give, the Victoria Cross and the naming of an Australian Naval Vessell after him, the HMAS Sheean.
  11. DIANNE LINDSAY: What´s a bush ballad
    Over the years many people have asked the question, ‘What’s A Bush Ballad?’ receiving many differing opinions. Quite simply, the main ingredient is that a bush ballad is a song about our people and our country written and recorded in a style to which people can relate and understand. ‘What’s A Bush Ballad’ tells of this with many examples of the subjects we sing about and also invites others all to join in the joy of this song, written in true bush ballad style. These songs are part of our culture and help to preserve our history.
  12. JOHN O´DEA: The tree beside the bend
    ‘The Tree Beside The Bend’ is a poignant bush ballad song, recorded by Golden Guitar nominee John O’Dea, written by Angus Gill, Alan Mackey & Mary O’Brien. Mary and her organisation, ‘Are You Bogged, Mate’ were the catalyst for this song. It’s one of the first bush ballads to positively shine a light and raise awareness of mental health in rural areas.
  13. GLENN LEVI: Let ´em know
    “Hi, I’m Glenn Levi and I have teamed up with Gail Barnard once again to release another great track.” “This one is called ‘LET ‘EM KNOW’ and it’s all about telling the people you love how you feel before it’s too late. It’s also about letting go of any ill feelings that may be bottled up so we can move on with our lives. The song can take on a different meaning, depending on your circumstances and I’m sure that everyone who listens to it will relate to it in some way.”
  14. JESSIE CHE: Sender
    Jessie Che, an internationally awarded lyricist from the Adelaide Hills in rural South Australia. Her debut release, ‘Sender’, is a song featuring honest & raw lyrics on the themes of betrayal & self-discovery.
  15. JESSIE CHE: City lights
    "City Lights" is Jessie Che's third release from her forthcoming album. This up-tempo country rock song is all about love on a summer night and dancing until dawn.
  16. HARD YARDS: End of the roads
    Hard Yards, the dynamic partnership of Graham 'Carbie' Gormley, the vocal and rhythm guitar virtuoso, and Keith Gorring, the master of lead and rhythm guitar is a fusion of influences, a melting pot of Country, Southern Rock, Country Rock, Blues, and Classic Rock. Their unique blend creates a sound that's both comfortingly familiar and exhilaratingly refreshing. Step into the world of Hard Yards with their latest country gem, 'End of the Roads', a heartfelt anthem written by none other than the band's own vocalist Carbie, drawing on his own experiences and attachment to the industry. This upbeat track takes you on a gripping journey through the life of a truck driver, a true-blue hero of the open road. Carbie's lyrical prowess shines as he weaves together the threads of camaraderie, tough times, and adventures that define a trucker's life. End of the Roads paints a vivid portrait of resilience and change, and as the driver hangs up his keys and heads into retirement, you'll sense the road becoming a tapestry of memories forever etched in his heart. End of the Roads celebrates the unsung heroes of the highway.
    Wiga is an instrumental collaboration between Golden Guitar winners Pixie Jenkins and Angus Gill. Written by Jenkins, Wiga (meaning fire) is an upbeat, Cajun inspired instrumental. It begins with rollicking twin fiddle parts, transitioning into a dual accordion part, played by Jeff Taylor from The Time Jumpers, launching into a dialogue of Gill’s guitar, before ending with an ‘all in this together’ Cajun jam.
  18. ANDREW RYAN: Enough to drive you mad
    ‘Enough To Drive You Mad’ is the latest single from Andrew Ryan’s debut album, ‘Blacktown’. Written by Andrew & Tom Ryan @ The DAG Sheep Station in Nundle, NSW. A conversation in the shearing shed between Andrew & Tom about the Ryan family’s ancestral plight of being convicts arriving in Australia on the first fleet & their strength to survive & overcome bitterly hard times, then to gather the strength to make new lives in their new home of Sydney, Australia. Andrew travelled to Portsmouth, England, the imprisonment & departure port from which they sailed & now reflects on their life’s journeys & compares to his own in modern day Australia. The Cover photo is Emu Hall, Penrith Western Sydney which was the Ryan family’s homestead on the Nepean River which still stands today.
  19. ALLAN GUMM: Crying
    From the DREAMS & MEMORIES album. I have always been inspired by Roy Orbison because of his vocal control and range. This has inspired me to improve my own vocal skills. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of his famous hit, ‘Crying’.
  20. ALICE BENFER: Long black skirts
    Presenting the authentic voice of Australian Traditional Country Music – Alice Benfer. This country singer/songwriter has released a new single, ‘Long Black Skirts’ from her forthcoming Bush Ballad/Heritage album. Alice’s inspiration for writing this track came from the fascinating history involving local pioneering sisters ‘The Lynch Sisters’. ‘The Lynch Sisters’ - Mary, Kate, Nell & Rose were the four eldest children of Irish immigrants, the family arrived in Gympie in 1872. The sisters were brought up on their father’s farm at Glastonbury near Gympie. Their mother in her early years was known for her Gaelic dancing. ‘The Lynch Sisters’ tall, powerful women in heavy long black skirts stood out among the rest as they were as strong as the average bushman. These pioneering sisters drove Bullock Teams and could be seen timber cutting around the South Burnett. They gained public attention when the sisters started entering in Wood Chopping competitions, most often they would win against the male competitors. ‘Long Black Skirts’ was written by Alice Benfer. Produced by Sam Hawksley with vocals recorded at Vibetone Studio’s, mixed and mastered by The House Studios.
  21. WATLING & BATES: Black ducks
    ‘Black Ducks’ retells a tale from a Northern Rivers bushman of how he used to catch black ducks on the riverbank. The method was so ingeniously simple that the ducks, resigned to their fate, were lulled into a state of relaxation as they awaited release. The song reflects similarities in the human experience of growing old, waiting patiently for an unknown fate, while searching for meaning along the way. ‘Black Ducks’ features composer and lyricist Geoffrey Bates on vocals and guitars, Nick Peterson on piano, Kym Watling on banjo, fiddle, and backing vocals, and Scott French on keyboards and drums. ‘Black Ducks’ was recorded, arranged, and produced by Geoffrey Bates at Watling & Bates’ Unumgar Studio in NSW, with additional recording, engineering, and final mix by Scott French of Lovestreet Studios, Currumbin Qld. The work was mastered by Paul Blakey of 12th & Vine Post, Broadbeach, Qld.
  22. JAX TONIC: This old truck
    Every single person in this world has had something in their life which they never wanted to let go of. Something that they loved and adored so much that saying goodbye to this precious thing seemed impossible. In his latest single, Jax Tonic has delivered as he shares his memories of all the good times that he had in his Old Truck before saying goodbye to his most prized possession. It could have been a truck, a car, a motorbike, a pair of shoes or a person that somebody loved. This song uses a metaphor to take the listener on a journey of imagination. Co-written by Ronnie Joudo and produced by Rod Motbey, this is a song that you won’t forget, it is emotive and powerful.
  23. JOSH POWELL-FUSSELL: Kiss me like that
    The goal with my debut single, “Kiss Me Like That” was to capture the moment you have when someone that you love kisses you, that earth shattering, happy and elated feeling that we all remember! I entrusted the help of longtime mate, Pixie Jenkins, to help me portray the essence of what I wanted to capture, Pixie's mobile studio in Tamworth was the place the magic happened. Enlisting the expertise of Pixie on Fiddle and Recording/Producing, The Crosby Sisters (Vocal Harmony), Michel Rose (Pedal Steel), Kelvin Nolan (Electric Guitar) and, Donella Waters (model for front cover photo) this is our offering. Enjoy Kiss Me Like That!
  24. JOY ADAMS (feat. GARY R. FARMER): The point of no return)
    August 2023 was a real highlight for NZ Country DJ and Singer/Songwriter - Joy Adams Joy has just returned home to NZ after spending three weeks in the USA. The main purpose was to attend the ISSA Awards (International Singer/Songwriters Awards) in Atlanta, Georgia and was delighted to come home with Best Female Album of the Year for her album JUST ONE LITTLE THING. To win one major overseas award is a major feat for any artist - but when she arrived home, she also found out she had won Best Female Voice of the Year for the song WHEN HE LEAVES YOU at the Fair Play Red Carpet Awards in Holland. Still buzzing with all these exciting things, Joy and her co-writing partner, Gary R Farmer from Flintstone, GA spent many hours in the studio working on various songs and projects. THE POINT OF NO RETURN is one of the songs that came from those sessions and if you enjoy traditional country music with lots of steel and twin fiddles, this one’s for you.
  25. LANCE BIRRELL: Aussie medley
    After the great success with his last two instrumental tracks, “Trailblazer and “Spinifex” both of which made the Australian Top 40 Country Charts, Lance Birrell has now released another catchy instrumental, “Aussie Medley” This instrumental is as Aussie as it gets with a compilation of two Iconic traditional songs “Along The Road To Gundagai” penned back in 1921 and “Waltzing Matilda” by Australian poet, Banjo Paterson in 1895. These two songs have major significance to our heritage and the “Aussie” way of life. After extensively travelling throughout the outback of this great country and performing live to the Australian people Lance then decided to put these two famous songs together in a medley showcasing his talents as a multi-instrumentalist.
  26. VANESSA BOURNE: Lord, I hope this day is good
    "Lord, I Hope This Day is Good" is Vanessa’s first gospel song to be released to radio from her album Give Me A Break. This song is written by Dave Hanner and was made famous by Don Williams. Vanessa Bourne has just returned from Holland and is thrilled to have won ‘Traditional, Original Female ‘Song Of The Year’ for ‘Broken Wedding Vows’ at the FPCM Media International Red Carpet Awards’. In October this year, Vanessa will be heading down to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee for The Josie Music Awards where she is nominated for Traditional Country, Female Artist Of The Year and Traditional Country Song Of The Year.
  27. DONNA FISK: Rock the country
    Donna Fisk creates the consummate, Countrified Australian Rules Football Anthem It’s just for fun, Bootscootin’ & cheering along… Premiering on Podcast, “Eddie & Jimmy” & certified by none other than Mr. Football, Eddie McGuire, shouting it out as a killer song that’s going to fire everyone up for the great game!! ITS THE AFL FINALS & OPENING OF THE AFLW SEASON, SO GRAB PIES, SAUCE, SCARF, BEANIE & A SONG FOR THAT !! Singing ‘ROCK THE COUNTRY’ !!!
  28. GARY KENNEDY: Will you love me when I´m old and feeble
    Gary has always had a keen interest in all types of music and first started his music career playing bass in several bands across the Sydney Club circuit. After a 12 year stint as a member of well-known Sydney band ‘Rawhide’, Gary was encouraged to focus more on singing and won several Talent Quests in the Sydney region. This inspired him to continue singing and refine his skills as a lead vocalist. After moving to the Mid North Coast of NSW, Gary developed a keen interest in Country and Irish music and continues playing bass in several different bands across the Mid North Coast NSW as well as performing as a solo artist. ‘Will You Still Love Me When I’m Old and Feeble’ is a beautiful country music song that asks the hard questions about the strength of an everlasting relationship. Gary has put his own unique style on this classic country song originally released and written by Smiley Bates.
  29. COL ELLIOTT: Proud to be Aussie
    This song celebrates the diversity and ideology of Australia. It’s about pride and acceptance and what it means to so many. Australia is unique and to be a part of this country is a privilege.

  DUNCAN TOOMBS  Steel on steel (S)
Datum:29-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 2023-01-13
“Steel On Steel” is the title track for Duncan's ARIA Country Number #1 Album Steel On Steel. This incredible song is the Title Track to a beautiful collection of songs about Duncan's life & Family. It's written with love to Duncan's dad, Bob Toombs who passed away in Aug 2021.

From Duncan… I started writing this song while I was making trip's back home to Toowoomba visiting my father in hospital. He was suffering from multiple mini stokes due to the lung cancer which was found while running tests on him. I finished the song the day the nurses called me while at home to let me know he had passed. It was soon realised that I would not be able to be at my father's funeral as the QLD border was locked again. With the help of my producer Rod McCormack, we recorded and mixed the song within a matter of days. My family then helped me create a short video for it which features a trip I took to Europe with dad and my 2 boys in 2018 and It was played at my father's service. I watched my father's service via live stream from my loungeroom with my family and the saving grace from not being able to be there was that at least my energy was there in the room with him. My Dad was a Train Driver and worked for QLD rail for over 30 years. He was a true people's champion. I miss him a lot.

Steel On Steel is a rare debut album that reveals an incredible degree of maturity, craftsmanship, and emotional depth for a brand-new songwriter. With Streaming for his album fast approaching 1 million streams this Australian ARIA Number #1 Country Album has created massive waves here in Oz and has fast become a favourite among fans and fellow Artists throughout the OZ music industry. Duncan’s live shows are nothing short of spectacular. The atmosphere Duncan creates leaves his audiences spellbound by the heart and passion woven into the lyrics of Duncan’s songs. Over the last 10 months Duncan has made the front of the stage his new home, wowing audiences all over the country whilst touring with Beccy Cole & Adam Harvey. The spotlights are finally revealing to fans across the world the talents that Duncan has been hiding for some time. This highly awarded filmmaker and sought-after guitarist to the stars is set to stand amongst our brightest stars

  SUSY BODILLY  Cos What I Am Is A Survivor (S)
Datum:29-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
Celebrating empowerment and dedicated to all women that have been through any trauma such as Breast or Ovarian Cancer, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Mental Health, loss of child or partner, relationship break up, illness, family exclusion or any other trauma and how they survived to become a stronger person living life with purpose. The inspiring lyrics and catchy upbeat tune celebrate women’s incredible strength while always maintaining and enjoying their femininity.

  ANDERSONLANE  The Wolf Cried Girl (S)
Datum:29-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-23
This is the Title Track from the recently released album The Wolf Cried Girl. It’s definitely a little heavier than what Andersonlane have previously released over the years. Enjoy!

Lead vocalist and songwriter Cheryls grew up in a shed on the tablelands of the New England. She credits this upbringing to helping her connect with the truth, to believe in the value of the ordinary, and it’s reflected in her writing style.

Early in January 2019 Andersonlane released their debut album This Girl earning Cheryls the title of The 2020 I.C.M.A Female Artist of the Year as well as This Girl taking out the 2020 2RRR Album of the Year. Cheryls was also nominated for the 2019 Southern Stars Female Rising Star Award, and multiple other song writing award nominations lead to all 4 radio tracks released from the album gaining recognition on the charts.

Cheryls has worked with hit songwriters including Allan Caswell, Bill Chambers, and Luke O’Shea but to name a few. Cheryls is on the never-ending quest toward her destination of writing better songs, hand carving a career along the backroads and highways, with a vocal ability that reminds her audiences what good country music is all about.

The highly anticipated second album The Fight was released in 2021 and has sprung forth gaining immediate recognition by being named in the CCMA Top 10 Traditional Country Albums of 2021. In conjunction with that award The Fightwas nominated for The 2021 ICMA Album of the Year and Single of the Year along with Cheryls nominated for Artist of the Year.

The track “Waiting for Apocalypse” from The Fight, co-written with Bill Chambers was announced as a semi-finalist in the renowned International Song Writers Competition, making it into the Final 9% of more than 26,000 entries worldwide. The 2021 Dusty Boots Awards in Dubbo also saw Cheryls taking home The Ron Varty Memorial Award for her services and contributions to Australian Country Music. Currently Andersonlane are actively gigging, and in the meantime Cheryls is constantly writing new material for the third album to be recorded and produced with Bill Chambers for release in 2023.

  DANNY COOLTMOORE  Man on the Moon (Blue balloon) (S)
Datum:29-09-2023Label: REHN Music GroupHemsida: www.dannycooltmoore.seReleasedatum: 2023-09-29
I en del av ett projekt stängdes vi in i en studio av Tommy Rehn. Det var jag, min låtidé och Pelle "Boppers" Karlsson. Vi fick fyra timmar på oss att prestera ett resultat. Resultat blev låten "Man On The Moon" som nu går att lyssna på de streamningstjänster du använder. När timmarna var slut och dörrarna öppnades klev Pelle snabbt ut på verandan, tände en cigg och sa: "Så in i helvete röksugen jag blev." Han lutade sig bakåt i stolen, blåste ut Lucky Strike röken från lungorna i ett mini moln ovanför sig på altanen. "Ok." Sade personen som öppnade studio dörren men frågade i samma andetag: "Var är Danny då?"

Pelle pekade mot skogsbrynet där jag seglade mot Sundsvall i ett fång av blå ballonger. Han fuktade sitt pekfinger, sträckte upp det så högt han kunde och läste av vinden. "Danny hade bråttom hem. Ordentlig sydvind idag. Han är hemma snart." Sade han med samma luft som han använde i inandningen av sitt andra bloss.

  RICHARD LINDGREN  Big fat nothing (S)
Datum:29-09-2023Label: Rootsy MusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 
Över fyra år har gått sedan Richard Lindgrens senaste album "Death & Love" kom. Men nu är en lång och tröstlös väntan snart över. Den 17:e november är det äntligen dags för nya album "The Grand Jubilee"!

I väntan på den stora festen får vi ett första smakprov i form av den drygt sex minuter långa och i alla avseende tunga "Big Fat Nothing".

  BELLA WINTH  Sabbat allt (Spola tillbaka) (S)
Datum:29-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-29
BELLA WINTH är en stigande stjärna på den svenska pop-himlen och sticker ut ur mängden med sin skånska dialekt.

Bella är född och uppvuxen i Kristianstad i Skåne, idag bosatt i Stockholm, går Isabella Winroth under artistnamnet BELLA WINTH. Med musikstudier i bagaget från Kristianstads Musikklasser, Stage4You i Torsås och Tech Music School i London. Efter att ha gjort musik på engelska sedan 2018 släpper hon nu singel efter singel på svenska sedan starten av 2021.

Bella är en live-artist ut i fingerspetsarna och tillsammans med sitt band levererar hon en show man sent ska glömma - under 2022 har hon turnerat flitigt runt om i Sverige. Hennes debut EP ”Ord som klingar kvar” släpptes våren 2023.. Bella skriver låtar som speglar hennes tillvaro, dom handlar om psykisk ohälsa, ett krossat hjärta, tacksamheten för livet och mycket mer än så. Att följa Bellas resa är en känslomässig bergochdalbana med höga berg och djupa dalar, och framförallt inspirerar hon andra med mod att vara sig själva.

Nya singeln ”Sabbat Allt (Spola Tillbaka)” är skriven av Isabella Winroth, Gustav Blomberg.

  TOWE WIDERBERG  Tacksamhetens gåva (S)
Datum:28-09-2023Label: Indigo MusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-29
Towe Widerberg är en riktig legend på den svenska dansbandsscenen och hans karriär sträcker sig över 40 år. Han började en gång i Tage Östs Fyrklang men blev raskt överplockad att bli sångare i Streaplers, där han rönte stora framgångar under 80- och början på 90-talet.

Efter några år som soloartist startade han sitt dansband Towe Widerbergs som under 90-talet och i början på 2000-talet var ett väldigt populärt dansband med ett flertal hits på svensktoppen. Några av han mest kända i dansbandsvärlden är till exempel "Älskar älskar inte", "Jag har en dröm" och "Om änglar finns", som alla tre är låtar som många andra band gjort covers på.

Under de senaste 15 åren har Towe mest åkt runt som solosångare, varit allsångsledare och konfrencier på mängder av galor. Han är en riktig profil vars namn är vida känt i branschen.

Nu är det dags igen för en ny singel.

  PIA PIHLGRENS  Peta in en pinne i brasan (S)
Datum:28-09-2023Label: Event Music Production Sweden ABHemsida: 2023-10-06
Pia Pihlgrens från Värmland har haft en fantastisk sommar ute på dansgolven och dragit storpublik både i Norge och Sverige. Deras unika mix av dansband, rock 'n' roll och countrymusik har sedan länge satt bandet på kartan och fyllt danslokalerna.

I sommar repade de in Mats Rådbergs klassiska låt "Peta i en pinne i brasan," som de gjorde om till en grymt svängig bugglåt. Denna uppfräschade version har redan blivit en riktig floorfiller för bandet och ser ut att bli en ny riktig favorit bland Pia Pihlgrens lyssnare och dansare. Med sin outtömliga energi och genreöverskridande sound är Pia Pihlgrens redo att fortsätta föra dansglädje till dansgolven under många säsonger framöver. Med denna låt tar de fästa mot ett nytt albumsläpp sommaren 2024

  1. Lost in the game (No Video)
  2. Lost in the game (Video version)
  4. HIMARI (extended intro)

Datum:28-09-2023Label: Bark At Your OwnerHemsida: Releasedatum: 
A husband and wife, Japan and Sweden, Joel and Eri collaboration! Written by Joel Eriksson

  BONANDER  the loop (S)
Datum:28-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-29
Bonander is back with a powerful and intimate piano-EP, unpicking traumas connected to body and self perception

Enigmatic and alluring, Bonander released her visionary debut album, 'Things We Don’t Talk About' through Icons Creating Evil Art on 20th August 2021. The full-length was praised by media giants such as Rolling Stone, It's All indie, High Snobiety and GAFFA. Now she is back with a new EP called "the thread", unpicking traumas revolving body and self-image. Leaning heavily on its acoustic element, the exquisite arrestments gives the EP's theme an even more naked and exposed edge.

Bonander is the shorthand for Ellinor Sterner Bonander. Sporting the role of musician, arranger and producer, the native Swede is a woman unchained. Boldly charging head first into her own fears in regards to the projects subsect, Bonander got to examine her own body image in a detailed and unforgiving way. It all began at a music residency where the artist spent a lot of time by herself a couple of years ago.

She says: "'the thread' has been something of a therapeutic journey for me. I tried to challenge myself by writing on the topic of the body, precisely because it was initially experienced as something difficult and scary. I understood quite quickly that there were things to face and sort out there. I got the desire to, via music, lyric and image, put the spotlight on the self contempt for our bodies I and many others have, with the hope that it might lead to something else entirely."

Known for her cinematic soundscapes filled of dense bass lines, playful synth melodies and orchestral elements, Bonander sought to scale down the bombastic arrangements and let the music be more bare and intimate then her earlier work. “musically I wanted to go in a different direction. The challenge was to be as stripped down in the production as I dared, in the same way as the vulnerability in the lyrics I wrote.” she tells us.

To further capture the essence and emotion of the music, she decided to record the EP live and contacted the pianist, organizer and colleague Sara Hermansson. Together they recorded and arranged five out of the EPs six tracksapart form it'sfirst single 'the loop', which Bonander wrote and arranged by herself. “The recordings are live takes where we play together without a metronome. I am incredibly grateful for Sara's artistry that’s contributed greatly to this work. She even lent me a piano piece she’s written as the outro of this Ep. As the icing on the cake, I also got to record the fantastic violinist Elias Sjöwall. Together, I hope we convey something fragile, naked and a little beautifully broken to the listener.”

“the thread” encourages the listener to join in discourse of uncomfortable topics and challenge the harmful social strukturs that is still very much in place. “We live in such an incredibly exposed society when it comes to appearance.” says Bonander. “As children, we are told that it is the inside that counts, but in every room you are in, it is disproved time and time again. In the workplace, at home, in love life, in the media. Appearance is capital and it's not until we acknowledge it that we can work towards it”.

‘the loop’ is the first single of upcoming EP 'the thread', released everywhere on September 29th, 2023 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

  23TILL  Alex och Katya (S)
Datum:28-09-2023Label: Beat ButchersHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-29
Med något som nästan kan beskrivas som en minipunkrockopera, skapad av kärleksbarnet mellan Ramones och My Chemical Romance, bryter 23Till ny mark med sitt nya singelsläpp. Med stora känslor och envisa melodier om förlorade bekantskaper i det forna Sovjetunionen, visar 23Till med ”Alex & Katya (Prospekt Andropova 19A)” att absolut ingenting har förändrats i en totalitär regim. Endast namnet på de ansvariga har bytts ut.

Låten har funnits med i bandets skapelseprocess i flera år innan den nu hittat sin slutliga form. ”Alex & Katya (Prospekt Andropova 19 A)” bygger på verkliga personer som bandet träffade när det gjorde ett par spelningar i Moskva 1989. ”Vi kom dit som ett gäng naiva svennar och tänkte väl att det inte var så mycket sämre än nån annanstans men man fattade ganska snart att de vi träffade ingenting hellre ville än att komma därifrån. När sedan allt hände med invasionen i Ukraina och hur kritiken tystades inne i Ryssland dök minnena upp och insikten om att det är samma skit fortfarande”, säger 23Till i en kommentar.

Låten är ett andra smakprov på ett antal planerade låtsläpp under hösten och de första releaserna sedan det pärlband av singlar som 23Till släppte 2021. Då slogs framtidsplanerna till stor del sönder av pandemin men nu har bandet samlat styrkorna igen på allvar.

Till inspelningarna har 23Till också lånat in blåssektionen från reggaelegenderna Kalle Baah. The Horny Horns of Babylon har också gästat bandet under flera livespelningar under 2022/23.

23Till har varit ett aktat namn på den svenska rock- och punkscenen sedan tidigt 90-tal med välkända låtar som ”Balladen om Olsson” och ”Sista Supen” för att nämna några. Sedan dess har Pekings pärlor både hunnit lägga av och göra comeback (2013). Något som bland annat resulterat i det imponerade albumet ”Shake it Baby” (2019) och flera lika imponerande singelsläpp.

23Till: Janne – sång, gitarr, Pila – bas, sång, Georga – gitarr, orgel, sång, Pelle – trummor, Gäster: Jörgen Carlsson (trombon), Johan Dahlén (saxofon), Mix: Daniel Gese. Mastring: Magnus Johansson

  SVANTE SJÖBLOM  Telling lies (S)
Datum:27-09-2023Label: Rootsy MusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-27
Efter en lång karriär som turnerande musiker på egen hand och med artister som Sofia Karlsson och Sofie Livebrandt, bestämde sig Svante Sjöblom att ta ett break och utvärdera sitt liv som musiker. Samtidigt tog han beslutet att bli nykter. Och plötsligt blev det en kreativ islossning. Svante, som tidigare mest spelat blues- och folk-klassiker började skriva låtar som aldrig förr och fjolårets album "Before It Breaks" blev ett tydligt kvitto på Svantes kreativa nytändning. Och drygt ett år senare är ett nytt album med originalmaterial på gång.

Här får vi titelspåret från kommande plattan "Telling Lies", som släpps i 18 oktober..

  BECKY DENTON  It feels good (EP)
Datum:27-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-15
I wrote this project with some of my favorite Nashville friends. (THANK YOU, Natalie, Erica, and Bill!) I love these songs, and I love where I am right now. I hope it brings to mind all that feels good about your life too.

  DRÖMHUS  Var är du nu (Radio) (S)
Datum:26-09-2023Label: Streamline & VixionHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-24
År 1997 släpptes Drömhus dream house-aktiga Du och jag, den första singeln med Drömhus. Både den och nästa singel I mina drömmar blev små hitlåtar. Men det stora genombrottet kom i mitten av 1998 när man gjorde en ny version av gruppen Freestyles låt Vill ha dej från 1981. Det första albumet Drömmar släpptes en tid efter och sålde guld i Sverige samt toppade listor över stora delar av norra Europa. I Melodifestivalen 1999 deltog Drömhus med låten Stjärna på himmelen som kom på andra plats. Samma år släpptes även Drömhus andra album Längtan. Under 2000 meddelade Grankvist att hon kommer att lämna Drömhus och i framtiden framträda under sitt eget namn Therese. Första singeln under eget namn blev Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Efter den blev det en ganska lång paus innan hon hösten 2002 släppte singlarna Monkey och I Need Somebody dessa följdes upp av det mer än tidigare klubborienterade albumet Acapulco som släpptes 13 januari 2003. Under 2004 arbetade Grankvist en hel del tillsammans med Sten Hallström, även känd som Stonebridge och fanns bland annat med på de båda singlarna Put 'Em High och Take Me Away. Therese deltog även i låten Save Us av Kid Q (Christian Harder). Hösten 2006 kom något oväntat en låt av Therese Grankvist vid namn Be My Baby med på samlingsskivan Fierce Angel. Det finns dock fortfarande inget eget släpp av låten. Grankvist framförde låten The Arrival i Melodifestivalen 2007 tillsammans med gruppen The Attic, men slogs redan ut i den tredje deltävlingen i Örnsköldsvik den 17 februari 2007. Låten kom på 7:e plats. Therese Grankvist medverkade även i låten Don't You Know Me på The Attics senaste album Remember Tomorrow. Grankvist skrev kontrakt med engelska klubbskivbolaget Positiva kort efter Melodifestivalen. Våren 2007 kom låten Feelin' Me. Sensommaren 2007 blev det även klart att Therese Grankvist kommer att medverka på Dannys nya singel If Only You. Duon framförde låten för första gången på Sommarkrysset den 4 augusti 2007. De uppträdde också på Gaygalan 2008. Sensommaren 2008 var Therese Grankvist tillbaka på skiva igen. Denna gång sjöng hon i låten Another Love av The Mac Project och 2009 sjöng hon på Bodyswerve av Steve Pitron och Max Sanna. Sedan åtminstone 2015 och framåt uppträder Therese Grankvist åter under artistnamnet Drömhus. Hon har flera gånger medverkat på musikfestivalen Vi som älskar 90-talet. Nu satsar Drömhus på nyskriven musik.

  ERIKA JONSSON  Ligger med nån annan (S)
Datum:26-09-2023Label: Hemsida: erikajonsson.seReleasedatum: 2023-08-25
Med 16000000 (sexton miljoner) streams i bagaget på Spotify är hon en av idag Sveriges största kvinnliga Countryartister. Erika Jonsson har lika stor publik med sina svenska som engelska låtar och kanske just nu är en av Skandinaviens mest turnerande kvinnliga artister med 30-40 spelningar varje sommar! Efter påtryckningar av sina fans att släppa något på Svenska, så har hon precis släppt sim egna låt "Ligger med nån annan" som bara på ett par veckor spelats över 120000 grr. Så äntligen så finns den att ladda ner här och nu för Er radiokanal

  VAGUE KIND  On a cloud (S)
Datum:26-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-21
Vague kind är ett band från Malmö som producerar låtar som rör sig i pop och rockland. Ambitionen är att varje låt skall ge en liten "Oj" känsla och en lust att lyssna mer.... Kärnan i Vague kind är Philip Nilsson, sång, gitarr och skriver musiken och texterna. Björn Mannerfelt på trummor slagverk sång produktion och arrangemang. I övrigt samarbetar vi med flera olika musiker vid olika tillfällen.

Vi prövar inte att uppfinna hjulet på nytt utan vi jobbar oftast inom redan existerande format. Ibland är det mer skrämmande och en större utmaning.

Låten On a cloud är våran homage till den en gång populära tambourine popen!

  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Powerhouse Promotions - September 2023 (A)
Datum:25-09-2023Label: Hemsida: www.powerhousepromotions.comReleasedatum: 
  1. ZEBB ROGERS: Red dirt heart
  2. BAILEY RAE: Broken Heart To Broken Heart
  3. THE MATTHEW SHANE BAND: You were mine
  4. JEFF YATES: Tyin´ one on
  5. THE WHITES OF TEXAS: Made to last
  6. PAYTON RILEY: Long live cowboys

  BLANDADE ARTISTER  Diamondback Records #47 2023 (A)
Datum:25-09-2023Label: Diamondback RecordsHemsida: www.diamondback-records.comReleasedatum: 
  1. B. JEFF STONE: Diamondback´s Intro
  2. DARBY BURGER: Just you and me
  3. GWEN LEVEY: All the weed I need
  4. DENNIS BLAIR: So over you
  5. MICHAEL T. WALL: From Newfoundland to Australia
  6. LONG & SHORT OF IT: How big is it
  7. RICK WINGETER: Johnny, George and me
  9. ANDY MARTIN: You asked me to
  10. DON HAGGART: Part way there
  11. MICHAEL T. WALL: Little Shamrock School
  12. MIKE MORGAN: Her memory´s playin´ ytcks
  13. MICK BARTON: Cold turkey
  14. WILLIAM RAY: A good old song
  15. RON JENKINS: Everything but mine
  16. TONI WEST: Hey boy
  17. LLOYD BACK: Three words
  18. MICHAEL T. WALL: Dig she mention my name

    1. Stars align
    2. Ha Ha Hoo

    Datum:24-09-2023Label: Hemsida: www.walkingbear.orgReleasedatum: 2023-09-15
    Waking Bear is a high-vibe, indie rock band from Olympia, Washington putting out positive frequency originals and uplifting audiences! Waking Bear's music and performances are a ceremony of gratitude for this life and they have amassed thousands of social media followers and over 1.4 million streams on Spotify.

    Formed by Noah and Ivy in 2018, Waking Bear has released 24 songs since 2020, a full length album, Trust Fall (2020) and their new EP 'Talked with the Galaxy' released August 25, 2023. This upbeat indie rock EP carries an underlying theme of the wonders of our multidimensional nature, and connecting our hearts to the magic of the cosmos.

      MAGNUS OCH LUGNET  Svart hjärta (S)
    Datum:24-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-08-25
    Svart hjärta är en rocklåt som behandlar det inte alltför muntra temat barnmisshandel och dess konsekvenser. För att göra texten rättvisa plöjdes nyhetsartiklar, forskningsrapporter och överlevandes berättelser på internetforum och andra kanaler. Vissa ämnen är helt enkelt för viktiga för att lämna åt förkunskaperna, fördomarna och fantasin.

    Bakom Magnus och Lugnet står multiinstrumentalisten och låtskrivaren Magnus Lehto.

      DIAMOND DOGS  Only a whim (S)
    Datum:24-09-2023Label: Wild Kingdom RecordsHemsida: 2023-09-29
    Music & Lyrics: Sören "Sulo" Karlsson

      LOTTA BORG  Lev, Lev Nu (S)
    Datum:23-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-12
    Text: Lotta Borg. Musik: Peter Nordlund. Arr, Inspelning & Mix: Peter Nordlund

      JAVIER  Dreams to chase (S)
    Datum:23-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-22
    A great song has a good tune with a relatable story entwined in the lyrics and Javier’s latest release "Dreams To Chase" is no exception. Right from the start it will have your toes tapping and relating to the lyrics. The story of Jack working hard to chase his dreams is relatable, well written and draws the listener into Jack’s world.

      DAVE DIPROSE  This town (S)
    Datum:22-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 
    Dave’s tale of a country boy reluctantly moving to the city is sure to resonate with many who share the experience. It is one man’s story of Melbourne, the formative years growing up in a place with all the opportunities, missteps and relationship successes and failures that often lead to a strong bond and eventual embracing as home. This Town was recorded in lockdown whereby participating musicians had access to recording gear. The song is also the title track of a soon-to-be-released album where many of the songs tell stories of home, a sense of place and belonging.

    Having moved around rural Victoria and Tasmania in his early years Dave Diprose is well acquainted with the stories and struggles of those on the land (he attended six separate primary schools). His parents were both from the farming tradition and had moved to the city to pursue other interests, where in his teens Dave found himself living in the industrial suburbs of Melbourne. It was here Dave became interested in music and like many of his peers took up guitar learning the music of The Rolling Stones; The Beatles; Creedence Clearwater Revival and other popular and blues artists of the time.

    In the early ‘70s Dave was exposed by chance to the Blues of Robert Johnson and Bluegrass through the seminal Will The Circle Be Unbroken album. From here he immersed himself in acoustic music drawing on the rich traditions of southern USA, working hard to become an accomplished guitarist in bottleneck blues and bluegrass flatpicking styles. In the early 80s Dave cut his teeth performing as a solo artist in Melbourne’s legendry café scene, earning a reputation for his unassuming but professional attitude and as a fine guitarist. Things don’t last forever however and with changing liquor laws the café scene disappeared overnight. With gigs having dried up Dave taught himself IT and focused on other interests and raising a family.

    Through the years Dave increasingly delved into songwriting and in 1995 released a CD of original tunes titled Journey Along The Road, supported by band mates he was involved with. At the time he had a rich stream of quality original tunes – enough for two albums, however failing to gain traction for the album he took another short hiatus to focus on family. In the early 2000s Dave hooked up with Doc White, another traditional blues enthusiast with whom he played as a duo for a time. The regained enthusiasm inspired Dave to woodshed the bottleneck blues style, shortly becoming known as one of Australia’s finest exponents of old school or pre-war blues, specialising in Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Willie Johnson and Charley Patton styles.

    Dave continued to write and with songs in the styles of the music he was performing at the time he released and album titled Train Don’t Run in 2009, a country blues album with half the tunes being original. Melbourne PBS FM’s Matthew Fredericks said of the album "Dave stands out from the pack by finding the right balance. He creates freely while remaining true to his sources." This proved to be one of the busiest times of his life as he performed over 1,000 gigs in pubs clubs and festivals over the decade, all while working full time in IT. In 2015 he recorded a follow-up blues album titled Old School Blues again with a split of 50% originals, 50% covers. The album was well received and spent five months in the Australian Blues Airplay Charts (read the review here).

    A chance meeting with mandolin player Mark Pottenger in 2013 lead to a rekindled interest in bluegrass, leading to becoming a founding member of Nine Mile Creek bluegrass band which had many performances in bluegrass festivals and events. Inspired by friend and Scottish musician Alex Legg Dave found another rich stream of original tunes leading to the recording of an album of all-original bluegrass/Texas songwriter-styled material titled Hillbilly Radio. The title track was awarded Bluegrass Song of the Year by the Tamworth Songwriters Salute, indicating the quality of the material on the album. COVID put a dampener on the launch of the album and the local industry continues to be constrained. However, Dave has used the time productively and continues to write, record and perform and he has had a number of original tunes as finalists in song writing competitions. He is well-advanced on another songwriter album and has a raft of blues tunes underway for a future release. Dave has emerged from COVID in fine form with enhanced guitar skills and a raft of fresh material

      DANSDAX & ANNKATRINE BURMAN  Spar dina tårar (S)
    Datum:22-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Text & Musik: Rose-Marie Stråhle. Producerad och arrangerad av Tom Käldström. Inspelad i Krs Music, Stenabba studios och Aim Studio. Tekniker: Tom Käldström, Fredrik Stenabba och Kjell Lolax. Mix: Kjell Lolax. Master: Tom Käldström

      PERMER  Private stalker (S)
    Datum:22-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-23
    Producenten bakom akter som Francesca e Luigi, MAIN, KVASI, We Are The Revolution, Capsize, Waltz for Debbie, O!Dorian och många fler tar äntligen steget fram i det egna rampljuset. Här är Permer.

    ”Dags att ställa krav på kärleken. Om du inte gillar mig så mycket att du börjar förfölja mig och stalka mig, hur mycket gillar du då mig egentligen? Dessutom tänker jag kasta mig in i farligheter som jag räknar med att du räddar mig från. För om du inte gör det, hur mycket gillar du mig då?”

    Private Stalker är skriven, producerad och framförd av Martin Permer. Mastrad av Hans Olsson. Video och artwork av Martin Permer.

      LENNART ÖHMAN  Längtar du tillbaka (S)
    Datum:22-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Text & Musik: Lennart Öhman. Arrangemang, produktion: Peter Lindberg. Mixning, kör och mastering: Tommy Eliasson

      ModX  Secrets (A)
    Datum:22-09-2023Label: Split Vision RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-10-06
    "Secrets" av ModX är ett album som har fått enhälligt erkännande från den melodiska rockgemenskapen över hela världen. Japans största rock- och hårdrockstidning - Burrn! tilldelade albumet en 89 av 100 poäng, medan världens främsta AOR-sajt (American Oriented Rock),, hyllade det som "Årets album" och en "svensk sensation". Många andra har också öst beröm över albumet.

    Musikaliskt är "Secrets" i samma anda som Toto, Sweden´s Work of Art, Rick Springfield med en touch av Mr. Mister. Albumet är producerat av Peter Ericson, som tidigare var signerad till Sony med sitt band Modesty. ModXs "Secrets" kommer säkerligen få många topplaceringen på "Best Of" -listor vid årets slut.

    1. It´s
    2. Love again

    Datum:22-09-2023Label: Hemsida: douglasrayjaffe.comReleasedatum: 
    Douglas Ray Jaffe is an artist, author and singer/songwriter located in Birmingham Alabama. His lyrics come from a place that can only be found with deep introspection, and an understanding of the world that can only be seen through time, experience and deep study of the soul.

    1. Waiting for a sign
    2. I´m her man

    Datum:22-09-2023Label: Enviken RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-22
    Enviken Records and The Blue Velvets, are proud to present the bands debut debut single featuring two electrifying self-penned tracks: "Waiting For A Sign" and "I'm Her Man." Available on 7” vinyl and all streaming services!

    Berlin based band The Blue Velvets are a collective of seasoned virtuosos, each with a storied history in the music world. The band's charismatic members bring their own unique flair, and their Canadian frontman adds an international twist to the mix. Together, they've created great songs that pays homage to the genre's roots while injecting their own rich experiences and influences.

    Whether you're a Rockabilly aficionado, a vinyl connoisseur, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of music, "Waiting For A Sign" / "I'm Her Man" is a journey you won't want to miss.

    They might be fresh out the gates but it seems that every gig they do gets them a handfull of new dates to add to the calendar, that is a really good sign!

    There is more to come from The Blue Velvets as a full album is in the pipeline.

    Vocals & Guitar: Alistair Cristl, Uppright Bass: Ralph Sommer, Drums: Mario Wachsmann

      BLANDADE ARTISTER  Sebby Music Group (A)
    Datum:21-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 
    1. BRAD JENSCHKE: Let´s hear it for the cowboys
    2. GENE REEVES: Daddy Gene´s chicken schack
      [Canyon Lake, Texas. 7/13/23] - Gene Reeves, is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of his latest radio single, "Chicken Shack." Following the success of his debut release, "Barely Hanging On, " which charted on the Texas Country Music Chart (TCMC) and Texas Internet Radio Chart (TIRC), Reeves is ready to captivate audiences once again with his exceptional storytelling and musical prowess. "Chicken Shack" is an engaging and lively track that takes listeners on a vibrant journey through a tale of summertime fun and adventure. Revealing Gene Reeves' ingenuity as a songwriter, the song cleverly disguises a story about a brothel within the guise of a chicken shack. With his unique ability to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics, Reeves showcases his talent for crafting narratives that leave a lasting impression. The infectious melody of "Chicken Shack" combines traditional country elements with a refreshing contemporary twist, making it an instant earworm that listeners will find themselves humming along to. The song's upbeat tempo, catchy hooks, and spirited instrumentation perfectly capture the carefree essence of summertime, creating an irresistible anthem for fans of all ages. Following the success of "Barely Hanging On, " which gained substantial traction on both the TCMC and TIRC charts, Gene Reeves has solidified his presence in the Texas country music scene. With "Chicken Shack, " he aims to further cement his reputation as an artist with a unique voice and a gift for storytelling. This second single release to radio on July 21, 2023, promises to garner even more attention and appreciation from music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Gene Reeves' music resonates with audiences due to its authenticity and relatability, providing an escape into a world of emotive storytelling and memorable melodies. With his latest release, he continues to push boundaries and showcase his ability to create songs that not only entertain but also leave a lasting impact on listeners. As "Chicken Shack" makes its way to radio stations across the country, fans of Gene Reeves can look forward to experiencing another dose of his musical magic. Be prepared to tap your feet, sing along, and immerse yourself in a captivating tale cleverly disguised as a catchy summer anthem.
    3. JAY ERIC: Wanted woman
      Our new single, Wanted Woman, narrates the journey of a woman who once lived a seemingly picture-perfect life but now feels an emotional void, yearning for genuine passion and connection. As she comes to realize that some things money can't buy, she embarks on a new adventure in search of the profound love and connection she deeply craves. Patiently, she awaits the opportunity to share her love and dreams, becoming a truly Wanted Woman.
    4. JEFF SMITHART: Psycho Daisy Mae
      Renowned Outlaw Country artist Jeff Smithart is back with another captivating release that is sure to leave fans and radio listeners craving for more. Smithart's latest single, "Psycho Daisy Mae," is set to debut on radio stations nationwide on May 26th. With a career that has been steadily gaining momentum since his emergence on the Texas music scene in 2019, Jeff Smithart has become a force to be reckoned with. Garnering accolades and recognition within the industry, Smithart has proven his versatility and immense talent as a vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer. In 2019, Smithart was honored with the title of Outlaw Country Vocalist of the Year, solidifying his position as an exceptional talent within the genre. Additionally, he received nominations for several prestigious awards, including Outlaw Country Artist of the Year, Outlaw Country Vocalist of the Year, Outlaw Country Entertainer of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year for his personal body of work.
    5. TERRI KNIGHT: Live Our Dream Revised

      TRÉ BURT  Traffic fiction (A)
    Datum:21-09-2023Label: Oh Boy/Thirty TigersHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-10-06
    Singer-songwriter Tré Burt has shared the title-track off his forthcoming new album, Traffic Fiction, which is being released on October 6 via Oh Boy Records. The album marks a musical reinvention and is deeply influenced by the soul music he listened to with his grandfather as a child. His Grandfather, Tommy Burt passed away as he was writing this album, but their relationship is preserved via the 14 tracks found on Traffic Fiction. Of today’s single Tré shares, "’Traffic Fiction’ was originally a poem I wrote in a bar in Calgary called ‘A Poem Written in a Calgary Bar.’ I probably read some headline about impending war that day and thought ‘why is that my problem?’ and got to writing this poem over a beer and spliff in the early hours of morning. The words ‘Traffic Fiction’ seemed a good way to describe the way media, world leaders and governments exploit our fear of death in order to corroborate us in their own self interests, holding us all hostage on their sinking ship (and in a microcosmic sense how we everyday neighbors do the same to each other) and figured it make for a good song.” The video for the song was directed by Josh Shoemaker.

    Tré has previously teased the album with the jubilant “Santiago” which saw support from No Depression and MXDWN, among others and more recently “Kids In Tha Yard” which Brooklyn Vegan called a bluesy, psychedelic soul song"

    Traffic Fiction is the follow up to 2021’s You, Yeah, You, his sophomore album and one where bits of his roots and compositional ambitions began to emerge. On Traffic Fiction, they are in full bloom, from the sweet country-soul surrealism of the title track to the skywriting rock of “2 For Tha Show,” Burt as urgent and commanding as he’s ever been. Traffic Fiction is the sound of Burt confidently bending a sentimental past to his present will.

    To get to this new alchemy of soul, dub, and more than a little punk, Burt returned to the basics—self-recording in sequestered silence. During a Canadian tour, he spent a week in the foothills of the Rockies beside the Bow River in Canmore, AB writing these songs. He rented enough instruments from the affordable gear emporium Long & McQuade to build a makeshift studio for his GarageBand demos. The title track soon emerged, its effortless magnetism prompted by a poem he’d written about stupid city congestion and a piece by saxophonist and singer Gary Bartz.

    Burt recognized he had found the sound of the next album, so he booked another rural cabin in Canada for 9 days and rented more guitars, basses, and the same keyboard he’d bought during the You, Yeah, You sessions. For the better part of a lifetime, Burt had told himself he didn’t have the chops to sing like those childhood heroes from the Cadillac days. Burt built his one-man-band demos before returning to Nashville’s The Bomb Shelter to work with a trusted band of pals and esteemed producer Andrija Tokic. With the full band, those demos poured out into circumspect love songs and joyous tunes of existential reckoning. His grandfather was dying. The world was struggling with a pandemic and the specter of a third world war. But Burt gave himself permission to have fun and be funny, to let these songs lift him and, eventually, maybe others, too. Traffic Fiction indeed feels like a buoy amid these turbulent times, something that pulls us above the wreckage.

    At three points during Traffic Fiction, Burt interweaves bits of recorded conversations with his late grandfather, Tommy. They talk about Stevie Wonder, Burt’s career and the fatigue it can bring, and, finally, the sense that he’s carrying on a family tradition through these records. It’s a reminder not only of what Burt experienced while making Traffic Fiction but also of what he overcame. He found strength in the soul of his youth, and, for that, he’s never sounded stronger.

      DA BUZZ  My life (Donato Fresh Remix) (S)
    Datum:20-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Med nya låten "My Life" prickar duon rakt på det som gjort deras musik så populär. Med nattklubbsromantik, glädje, melankoli i en enda blandning. Da Buzz gjorde succé på premiären av Lotta På Liseberg i somras och en massiv turné under hela 2023 med fantastiska recensioner.

    Da Buzz firar 25 år i år som band och släpper ett nytt album ”My Life” med helt nya låtar den 15 september. Ett album fullspäckad av erfarenheter från historien och tills nu. "I Can’t Help Falling For Your Love” var första singeln från bandets kommande studioalbum. Den fick ett bra mottagande på radio och gick in som nykomling (#36) på DeeJay Promotions ”Swedish Dance Chart”. Uppföljaren "Lost Without You” kom i somras och har en vibe som sträcker sig hela vägen från melankoli, romantik till club och nattliv. Det är i år 25 år sedan kultbandet Da Buzz bildades. Gruppen är na°got av Svenska dance/pop legendarer, med inte mindre a¨n 13 topp 20-hits i Sverige och en rad hits internationellt.

    De var ett av Sveriges mest spelade artister på radio under 2000-2005. Låtar som “Alive”, “Do You Want Me”, “Dangerous” spelas fortfarande flitigt. “Let Me Love You” låg 1:a på trendsättande KTU103,5 samt Z100 i New York, på Billboard HOT100 samt 4:a på Billboard “Dance chart” under 2001 och 1:a på den Japanska Danslistan. “Wonder Where You Are” låg 1:a i Ryssland, Ukraina och i en mängd andra länder i östra Europa. Da Buzz har varit pa° resande fot mer eller mindre konstant sedan deras fo¨rsta hit a°r 2000.

      LOUISE LEMÓN  Shattered heart (S)
    Datum:20-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: www.louiselemonmusic.comReleasedatum: 2023-09-21
    Drottningen av Death Gospel, Louise Lemón, är tillbaka med singeln 'Shattered Heart' den 21 september - det andra smakprovet av vad som komma skall sedan hon i somras annonserade ett nytt albumet som skall komma i början av 2024. Albumet markerar en betydande milstolpe i hennes karriär då hon tar kommandot och visar upp sina exceptionella talanger som både låtskrivare och producent.

    Louise Lemón är den typ av artist som kan fånga en intim närvaro tillsammans med ensamhetens tomhet och förvandla det till rent guld. Hon har en förmåga att frammana skönhet utifrån motsättningar med en förtrollande ljudbild - och föra smärta, begär och desperation samman. Med sång som påminner om Cat Power, Lana Del Rey och PJ Harveys öppna och luftiga noir-sound över en mörk och rik pianoinstrumentering, är 'Shattered Heart' en vackert ärlig berättelse om hjärtesorgens överväldigande kraft.

    Som kommentar på nya singeln berättar Louise Lemón; "Jag skrev den första raden i den här låten sittandes i ett flygplan högt uppe i himlen bara några timmar efter något som kändes som ett skott rakt genom mitt hjärta. Det är också den första låten jag skrev för det här albumet och den handlar lika mycket om den överväldigande känslan av ett krossat hjärta som känslan av att inte vilja ha något, att äntligen kunna se någon med klarhet. Den är så rak men ändå väldigt andlig, hela min själ är med i den, både de mörkaste delarna men också de delar som stiger upp och som tar alla delar av ett krossat hjärta och gör det ännu varmare, ännu mer kärleksfullt, till en kärlek som varar."

    Känd för sin kraftfulla och suggestiva ljudbild har Louise Lemón än en gång samarbetat med den exceptionellt skickliga Randall Dunn, den hyllade producenten bakom verk med ikoniska artister som Thurston Moore, Zola Jesus och Sunn O))), för mixnings- och masteringprocessen av albumet. Samarbetet lovar att lyfta hennes musik till nya höjder och trollbinda lyssnare över hela världen.

    Louise Lemón har fått bred uppskattning för sina tidigare verk, inklusive två mycket framgångsrika album och EP:n 'Devil'. Hon har förtjänat den välförtjänta titeln 'Drottningen av Death Gospel' och fått lysande recensioner och framträdanden i framstående musikpublikationer över hela världen. Stora artiklar i flera länders utgåvor av Metal Hammer, Powerplay, Revolver Magazine, Zero Tolerance, Close-Up, Sonic Seducer, Orkus, Gaffa och många andra har befäst hennes status som en fängslande och genre-överskridande artist.

      THOR GÖRANS  Tro, hopp och ett brustet hjärta (S)
    Datum:20-09-2023Label: ARS MusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-22
    Det legendariska dansbandet Thor Görans med Peter Grundström som frontman släpper nytt för första gången på över 2 år. En låt som både passar den lite mognare publiken men även de som sneglar åt det moderna. De har lite samma målgrupp som BlackJack. På Tal om BlackJack så var det faktiskt Thor Görans som lirade musiken till filmen då bandet BlackJack inte fanns innan filmen släpptes, men då filmen blev en succé så bildades ett dansband som döptes till BlackJack och fick ta "Inget stoppar oss nu" som första låt. Lite dansbandshistoria. Hur som helst - Thor Görans har klarat sig mer än väl utan filmen och är ett mycket populärt band på dansbanorna.

    Datum:20-09-2023Label: Indigo MusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-22
    Erik-André Hvidsten har spelat in en ny låt med musik av Thomas Enroth och text av Åsa Jinder. Legenden Kalle Moraeus är med på fiol. Erik är just nu aktuell i musikalen "Vänd om min längtan” på Wasa Teater i Finland och har precis släppt biljetterna till sin julturné "O helga natt" och även på den turnén kommer Kalle Moreaus vara med.

      HIGHLIGHTS  Ta min hand (S)
    Datum:20-09-2023Label: AvalonstreamHemsida: 2023-09-22
    Highlights släpper nu "Kom ta min hand," som är en snabb bugglåt med en riktig schlagerrefräng. Singeln är producerad av bandets keyboardist Christian och mixad av Thomas ’Plec’ Johansson. Deras senaste album blev både Manifest- och grammisnominerat samt nominerat till Guldklaven. Det gör Highlights unika - de var det enda bandet som uppnådde en "trippelnominering" förra året. Bandet har en riktigt stark närvaro på scen och är ett kraftfullt modernband som funnits i över 20 år.

      MULE SKINNER BAND  Så länge vi orkar (A)
    Datum:20-09-2023Label: Atenzia RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-10-06
    Bandet firar 10 år och har satt ihop ett samlingsalbum med 20 låtar som har samma namn som turnén ’Så länge vi orkar’. Jonas Huhtala är ny kapellmästare men resten av bandet är samma som vid starten, dvs Gert Lengstrand, Bjarne Lundqvist, Håkan Liljeblad och Göran Liljeblad. Två av låtarna är inspelade 2023 - Spanish Eyes, en instrumental låt där Göran Liljeblad spelar gitarr och Putti Putti som Gert Lengstrand sjunger

      THE NEW BLACK DIAMONDS  In the name of liberation (S)
    Datum:19-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-08
    The New Black Diamonds is a rockband formed in Eksjö, Sweden. The band now consists of lead singer Klara Frisk, Catrine Jakobsen (bass/backing vocals), John Bergstrand (drums) and Max Moonhammer (guitar).

    In the summer of 2019 Catrine Jakobsen reached out to some old friends and new acquaintances and put together a group of talented musicians. Catrine writes most of the material in collaboration with the other band members. The New Black Diamonds plays in a classic rock style with a modern sound. The music is influenced by bands such as Deep Purple, Joan Jett, Orianthi and Black Stone Cherry.

    In 2020 The New Black Diamonds released the EP “I’m Back and the single “Redemption Day”. In 2021 they released three singles “Reload”, “Sing With The Legends” and “Through Fire”.

    In June 2022 they said hello to the single “Goodbye”.

    In September 2022 The New Black diamonds released ”In Between”. The response so far has been overwhelming and the song will soon hit 100k streams on Spotify.

    In the spring of 2023 The New Black Diamonds once again entered Loud Noise Studios to record three songs. Keyboardplayer Fredrik left the band in early 2023, so keyboard duties on the new songs were taken care of by studio wizard Johannes Häger. The first song from those sessions to see the light of the day is “In the Name of Liberation”, release the 8th of September.

    Where “In Between” was lighthearted and humorous in tone “In the Name of Liberation” takes a slightly more serious and aggressive approach. A fastfueled song with lyrics that are fearfully relevant today.

      BEN WALKER ft. AIMEE HANNAH  Just not country enough (S)
    Datum:19-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 
    Returning with his third song of the year, chart topping Ben Walker teams up with Aimee Hannan, to deliver an upbeat pop-country track asking if he’s “Just Not Country Enough”.

    The track, recorded at Sing-Sing studios in Melbourne with producer Thomas Keating, is overflowing with stella musicianship with Callum Edwards on Bass, Dan Berry – drums, Thomas Keating – guitar and Michael Flanders on Pedal Steel. Add in the beautifully contrasting vocals from Aimee and Ben and this song will have you tapping and singing along.

    Talking about “Just Not Country Enough,” Ben says “It’s a fun upbeat crowd pleaser, but it is challenging a bit all those folks who like to throw up barriers and tell people they can’t do something because they aren’t this or that. In my case, I’m an Englishman who loves country and folk music and all that Australian nature has to offer – I wouldn’t last five minutes outside my comfy studio or office, but I love this country and its music, and I’m proud to be raising a family here in Australia.”

    Ben Walker is one of the great emerging Singer Songwriters. British born but settled now on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with his young family, Ben’s unique brand of reflective country folk challenges and soothes in equal measure. A talented storyteller, Ben’s songs draw from his keen sense of observation, his experience living in the UK, Europe and now Australia and the love he has for his family and the outdoors. Ben’s pathway into music is a captivating story involving mini cars, broken cellos, time as a roadie and sound engineer when at university and a long period in a stifling corporate world where music was a distant memory. Ben’s eventual release of 3 songs in 2020 built a platform that has led to festival appearances, co-writing opportunities, and wide-ranging radio play. Ben now writes and releases music regularly, writing both on his own and with a variety of co-writers including the likes of Andy Penkow, Kevin Bennet, and Frank Burgo. Ben boasts a burgeoning music catalogue with a debut album in the works. Ben’s recent song “I Won’t Forget”, a beautiful collaboration with Allan Caswell, Beth Lucas, and Stephen Dobson – was listed as a semi-finalist in the 2022 International Song Writing Competition (Folk Category) and went to number 1 in the Australian Country Radio Chart. Performing both solo and alongside the supremely talented guitarist Frank Burgo, Ben’s live shows offer a disarmingly honest, captivating melodic experience that takes the audience on a story and thought based journey. A popular fixture at the Tamworth Country Music festival, Ben will perform later in the year at several festivals in Queensland, with performances also lined up in Sydney and Melbourne, alongside plans to get closer to his fanbase through a house concert tour.

      THE MOBILE HOMES  In Memoriam No One (S)
    Datum:18-09-2023Label: Wild Kingdom RecordsHemsida: 2023-09-22
    Music & Lyrics: Andreas Brun

      ERASE THEORY  Man overboard (S)
    Datum:18-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: www.erasetheory.comReleasedatum: 2023-08-31
    Jeff Sahyoun has been living by this mantra in some way or another for the whole of his musical career. However, it was only when he was on his own that it really came into focus. After spending most of the last decade touring the world and inciting vital chaos with his band letlive., their split in 2017 left him with one big question.

    Who am I?

    Taking a step away from social media, working a 9-5 job for the first time in almost 20 years and going back to school to expand his tool belt, Jeff set out to answer that question, delving into the man he always knew was there but never had the chance to get to know. But despite resetting everything he thought his life was about, he never let music get too far away. Creating art is in his blood, and that blood never stopped pulsing through his body.

    "I had to put my life back together outside of music because I have never done anything else, he remarks. "But music had always been an escape for me. A way to forget about the real world for a bit, and life without that was strange. It still lingered around me. But I had to focus on other things and go down different avenues. But my laptop was always there, always with me, always ready."

    Rather than writing because he needed to, Jeff wrote because he wanted to. Journaling every emotion he felt – joy, despair, uncertainty, pride – whilst figuring out what sort of person he was in an ever-changing world was solace for him. It reminded him to let his creativity run free despite it not being his main focus. To let passion take over when passion saw fit. By the time he came up for air, he realised he had 30 songs in total.

    "I was expressing myself, and every word was real. Everything that I had created was made in moments. There was no time when I sat down and thought about making something to sell to an ad company or something. I wrote because I needed it. I just felt it, and it would naturally happen. And now, whenever I listen back, I know exactly what I was doing, where I was, and how I felt. It's a direct representation of the world I want to live in and a world I was missing."

    The most crucial aspect of everything he had was that it was all rooted in positivity. Even in the more frustrating moments, the goal was always finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Of projecting an energy that allowed the sun to peak out from behind the darkest clouds. That's when Jeff realised he should share this with the world. Rather than letting these tracks get reworked into the ground and never leave his studio, he set out to let everybody know what he has been up to.

    That is how ERASE THEORY was born.

    "ERASE THEORY as a name came from all of these theories I had about how I could erase my past. Things that are so painful or hard because you want them so bad but know it isn't your time yet. Writing to me was always that. But there was definitely a reason I was placed on this journey, and I have become incredibly grateful and humble because of it. When I listen to these songs, I look at them more as a motivational collection rather than me being emo. I was not trying to implement any downer shit into anybody's life. Everything is about energy. It's about remaining optimistic. If all of the stuff I've done didn't happen, I wouldn't be here in the way that I am. I wouldn't be the same person that I am. I'm incredibly proud of that and proud of being able to reflect that."

    Six years in the making, 2023 has seen ERASE THEORY hit the ground running hard. It all kicked off with the release of their self-titled debut EP, a brisk combination of spiky electronics, ethereal atmospheres and thrashing emotion. Since then, there have been drum and bass remixes, collaborations with The Color Fred and further refining of what the band represents for Jeff now he is back in the public eye. Jeff has carved out something extraordinary, pulling from seething punk rock as much as introspective EDM, referencing The Weeknd as much as AFI and not letting silly things like boundaries stand in the way of innovation. A project that feels as familiar as it does fresh. A vessel filled to the brim with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and ambition. A place that he can call home and mould into absolutely anything he wishes. He has also recaptured that youthful energy that every artist craves. That rush of adrenaline you feel when you write your first song in your bedroom at 15. Every morsel of music appearing under the ERASE THEORY banner feels exactly like that. And that will never ever change. With a new EP, the devilishly brilliant and powerful 'The Good Kind' scheduled to drop later this year, and plans of being able to hit the road again falling into place, you're going to be seeing a lot of Jeff over the coming months. But he wants you to remember one thing when you listen to ERASE THEORY. Life may not always go how you think it will, but that doesn't mean that opportunity isn't just around the corner. This is not what happened to you but what is happening for you. It's just up to you to grab it with both hands and leap into the unknown.

    "This project has been challenging but soul-purifying," Jeff concludes. "I want everybody to enjoy this. I want everybody to have a good time. This band is all about finding solutions to problems or challenges that life throws at you because life can be a bitch sometimes. Before, I didn't know who Jeff was. But now, everything is positive, and I can't stop smiling. It is truly special to see where I was and what I was doing and know that it would help me become where I am today. "I wouldn't trade that for the world."

    Datum:17-09-2023Label: Hemsida: leonorahelm.comReleasedatum: 2023-09-12
    The Award-Winning, Jazz Vocal Musician, Composer, Lyricist and Educator Lenora Zenzalai Helm and Her Tribe Jazz Orchestra® Nonet Unveil JOURNEYWOMAN, Her New Album Chronicling the Challenges and Triumphs of Black Women

      CRAIG WOODWARD  Emotionless (S)
    Datum:16-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 2023-09-15
    A beautifully written ballad with reaching vocals accompanied by a fabulous arrangement!

    The city boy with the country soul a dash of folk and some rock & roll. Craig is an Australian Singer-Songwriter currently working on his follow up album scheduled for release in 2023. Craig has consistently performed up and down the east coast of Australia for the past 25 years and his passion and commitment to his craft has only grown stronger as he endeavors to reach more local and international fans with his music. Craig has supported Australian touring acts the country over, sharing the stage with the likes of Ian Moss, Sarah McLeod, Mental as Anything, 1927, The Radiators, Adam Harvey, Hayley Jensen, Matty Cornell, Damien Leith & Shannon Noll to name a few…

    Craig’s 4thSingle "Iris" from his upcoming album is a Country infused tribute to one of the biggest bands of the 90's. The Goo Goo Dolls are an American Hit Making machine hailing from Buffalo, USA. From an early age the Goo Goo Dolls where a regular feature of the young Craig Woodward and his mate's soundtrack driving around the sunny suburban streets of Australia in the 90's. So, it's only fitting Craig chose the only cover for his upcoming album to be one from his hero's.

      CRAIG LLOYD  I call Australia home (S)
    Datum:14-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 2023-09-12
    Following the success of Craig Lloyd's duet with Merelyn Carter (Carter & Carter) - 'LittleCountry Store', which reached #1 on the Australian Top 40 CountrySongs chart and was added to Apples Aussie Country and ABC'sGrass Roots Playlists, Craig Lloyd releases his most personalsong from his debut album ‘The Other Side Of Me'. Titled ‘I CallAustralia Home’ - it’s quiteliterally the story of his life and was written with Carter & Carter.

    After moving to Australia in 2003,Craig Lloyd fell in love with Australia. Growing up in the glare of the city lights of London, Craig saw the darker side of life as a police officer in some of the most crime ridden parts of this metropolis. Travelling on the London Subway, Craig spent time working at the world famous New Scotland Yard, the home of the Metropolitan Police.

    A series of life-changing events led to Craig making the decision to take some for himself and take an extended break to Australia. Very quickly the draw of the ‘Aussie Way’, and the warmth and trusting nature of country people made Craig feel that he had found his home.

    Living in country Victoria, a world away from the hustle-bustle of London, he fell in love with winding dirt roads, alpine mountains and the uninterrupted views o fthe night sky.

    It didn’t take too long for Craig to call Australia Home.

      THE SILVERLINE  Paradise Hotel (S)
    Datum:14-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 
    Catherine and Michael Lehnen are The Silverline. Coming from colourful yet very different backgrounds, they found each other through their love of music and their desire to make a difference. The Silverline are ‘Country Music with a Cause’ writing authentic original songs with relevance and impact.

    Together Catherine and Michael bring a mature and genuine perspective to their music, by sharing their own unique life experiences and by walking alongside others with compassion and understanding. Their introduction to award winning producer Simon Johnson paved the way for The Silverline to record their first original album Walking The Wall, released internationally in September, 2021. It is an album grounded in exceptional vocal performances, award winning songwriting and quicksilver harmonies with each single released to date making a huge impression on the Australian country music scene.

    To their credit, they continue to achieve strong radio successes including two #1 hits on the National Top 40 Country Songs Chart. In 2021 they won the Tamworth Country Music Festival ICMA Award for Best Video, the People’s Choice Best Song Award and gained a TSA First The Song finalist position. The Silverline also raise awareness through their music for incredible organisations such as BUY A BALE and THE EXODUS FOUNDATION. Immersed in the Nashville scene, songwriting has always been a passion for singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael.

    Being a well-known radio personality in Muscle Shoals Alabama and his extensive engagements as a studio session musician, he has rubbed shoulders with country music greats like Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis and Hank Williams Jnr. Experiencing the grittiness of the American music industry, Michael has some great stories to tell. As a session player, as well as recording with the big stars, a highlight for Michael was performing on the “Duets” movie soundtrack, featuring Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Catherine grew up in Sydney and has performed extensively Australia wide in vocal groups including an Andrews’ Sisters Tribute band which celebrated strong vocal harmonies and worked alongside Aussie legend Barry Crocker.

    Prior to The Silverline, Catherine toured with the Australian Army band performing live on TV, radio and as a session vocalist. Recently she enjoyed the experience of being an elite finalist on Season 7 of The Voice. Together they have combined their different musical influences to create a unique fresh sound on the Australian Country Music landscape with their showstopping musicianship, impactful lyrics and award-winning songs!

    ‘Music is a great unifier, it brings people together. We want to bring something to people in a way that only music can – heart to heart.’ - The Silverline

      MIKE HUGHES  I´m a ramblin´ man (S)
    Datum:14-09-2023Label: Glory Train RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Songwriter: Ray Pennngton

      SAMANTHA LaPORTA  Lies are your truth (S)
    Datum:14-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 2023-06-16
    Samantha LaPorta is a singer songwriter. Her music reflects her innermost thoughts and feelings and uses her art as a tool to express her emotions to cope with life's challenges. Honest and deeply personal songs with relatable lyrics. Her music is inspired by influences from icons like Paramore, Blondie, and Evanescence. Samantha's new music brings fresh energy as she steps confidently into her new Alternative -Pop era.

    Her experience is extensive performing on radio, TV, live events as well as corporate and charity fundraisers, from intimate stages to arenas and stadiums.

    Discovered by Disney at age 13. Samantha wrote and performed for the Radio Disney platform with great success. Samantha hosted the Top 10 Countdown and has a half dozen hits on radio and TV as well as The Major League Baseball Network.

    During the Pandemic, Samantha was able to focus on other styles of music and licensed 2 songs with UK label Frtyfve Records, experimenting with edgier concepts and coming into her own with "Closure" a dangerously vulnerable song.

    Her lyrics continue to connect with fans as her artistry grows

      SAND & HALLANDER  Kärlek kan ta slut (S)
    Datum:14-09-2023Label: Salamander RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-15
    Imorgon släpper Sand & Hallander singeln “Kärlek kan ta slut” som är den andra av tre singlar inför debutalbumet “Älskar, älskar inte” som släpps den 27e Oktober på det nystartade skivbolaget ´Salamander Records ´.

    “Kärlek kan ta slut” är en lycklig och olycklig kärleksaga om att älska och samtidigt vara rädd att mista.

    Text och musik är skriven av duon Sand & Hallander och framförs med vemod och ärlighet. Under den okonstlade, poppiga melodin är instrumentering och ackompanjemang lekfullt och tar oss till skimrande ljudlandskap där tolvsträngad gitarr och munspel får ta plats. Vid mixerbordet har den grammisbelönade Pål Svenre fått fram det avspända och experimentella 70-tals sound som blivit duons signum.

    “Jag kan inte hjälpa att fälla en tår när Nina sjunger de första raderna “Jag förstår nog att du älskar mig, men är ändå inte glad. Allt skulle ju bli bättre när jag fått den jag vill ha”. Det är så personligt och äkta." - Emmalisa Hallander.

    “Och om man inte är blödigt lagd så kan man roa sig med att lyssna efter några referenser till ikoniska låtar som vi utplacerat i texten. Vilka hittar ni?” - Nina Sand.

    Leadsång, munspel - Nina Sand , Sång, tolvsträngad gitarr - Emmalisa Hallander, Elgitarr - Gustav Alte, Akustisk gitarr - Jakob Ulmestrand, Bas - Joel Henrysson, Trummor - Helmer Larsson

    Datum:14-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 
    About Connie Kis … One of Western Australia’s finest, Connie Kis has several albums and many hit songs to her credit both here and in the US charts. This includes a coveted #1 spot on Australia’s longest standing Country Music Chart for her song: Gone Wishin’.

    This inspiring woman's story is quite unique because after a rewarding career in teaching Special Education she returned to her first love, music, and successfully pursued a new profession as an Independent Recording Artist and Radio Producer/Host.

    Hard work, talent, perseverance, and passion has found this singer songwriter the recipient of multiple awards.

    Highlights include being awarded the WA Best Independent Female Country Artist three times, winning the Best Independent Country Music Album for Western Australia twice, receiving a national TIARA award for Female Vocalist and being a four-time recipient of the Gold Medallion Media Award for the South-Central West region of Australia – naming just a few. She recently received a ‘Dusty Boots Award’ for services to her industry for her ten-year commitment to producing and hosting a popular, world-wide syndicated radio program which promotes new Australian country music, called Showcase Australia. Connie Kis has played many Aussie festivals and Nashville venues, including the Gympie Muster, Nambung Country Music Muster, Horsham, Tamworth, Mildura, Nashville Palace, Texas Troubadour Theatre, The Bluebird Café, The Midnight Jamboree, Nashville Cowboy Church, and the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival to name just a few!!

    During her career in music, she served her industry with dedication, holding positions as President of WAM (Western Australian Music Industry Association), seats on the funding board at the W.A Department of Culture and the Arts and C.E.O. of Multicultural Arts W.A. (KULCHA), as well as developing and teaching courses in vocal production at TAFE and UWA Summer School for several years.

    Connie Kis continues to follow her true calling and shines as an example for others to never lose sight of their dreams. She reveals her deep belief in self and purpose through all that she does - a true stylist, not to be missed.

      LARRY WILSON  Songs my mama sang (S)
    Datum:14-09-2023Label: Glory Train RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Here is a new Gospel release from Larry Wilson. Writer: Larry Wilson

      NOICE  Gustavsberg: (A)
    • Magisk
    • Vi e här å nu
    • En natt i Venedig
    • I mitt liv (de e aldrig försent)

    Datum:13-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-29
    Legendariska bandet NoIcE släpper nytt album ”Gustavsberg” med nya sångaren och gitarristen Charlie Grönvall. Noice åker dessutom på stor Sverigeturné, som för första gången besöker konserthus och teatrar. Allt detta händer för bandet under hösten och vintern 2023 / 2024 – Album release fredag den 29/9.

    Efter de ikoniska albumen Tonårsdrömmar och Bedårande barn av sin tid som NoIcE fick ett massivt genombrott med 1980, och Det ljuva livet året därpå, dröjde det 14 år till nästa utgivning med nyskrivet material. Då i form av albumet Vild vild värld som släpptes under, den för många överraskande, turnén 1995. Nu skriver vi 2023 och efter när ytterligare 18 år har gått är det så dags för ännu ett NoIcE-album. Mycket vatten har runnit under broarna sedan 1995, och två av gruppens originalmedlemmar, Hasse Carlsson och Freddie Hansson har gått ur tiden.

    Idag består NoIcE av originalmedlemmarna Peo Thyrén, bas och sång, samt Robert Klasen, trummor. Charlie Grönvall, som spelade förste Noice-sångaren Hasse Carlsson i Noice Rockmusikalen, är ny sångare och gitarrist i bandet, och sättningen blir komplett med keyboardisten John Persson. Bandet har fått ett mycket stort uppsving under de senaste åren, vilket beror på flera saker. Det har bland annat skrivits flera böcker om NoIcE, inte minst Peo Thyréns egna bok Från NoIcE till nu – Du lever bara en gång. Över en miljon tittare har sett SVT:s dokumentär och NoIcE, och musikalen om bandets historia har blivit en succé både hos kritiker och publik i Stockholm och Malmö.

    När NoIcE nu släpper ny musik är trots allt ändå de två andra originalmedlemmarna, Hasse Carlsson och Freddie Hansson, med på varsin låt. Med den teknik som idag finns att tillgå har det gått att använda demoinspelningar som har hittats på kassettband och färdigställa dessa.

    Sommarens höjdpunkter har för Noice varit, förutom spelningar, medverkan i de två direktsända TV-programmen Lotta på Liseberg samt Nyhetsmorgon samma vecka. Höjdpunkten hösten/vintern 2023/24 blir utan tvekan den riksomfattande konserthusturnén som NoIcE beger sig ut på, med utsåld premiär på hemmaplan i Gustavsberg 28 september. Turnén är redan utsåld i flera städer.

    - ”NoIcE har inte varit så här stora sedan 1981. Det känns helt overkligt att det har kunnat bli så efter allt som har hänt och efter så många år” säger musikern och grundaren Peo Thyrén.

      JOHN PENNEY  Turn My Eyes To Heaven (S)
    Datum:13-09-2023Label: Glory Train RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Written by John Penney

      BAILEY PERRIE  Hannah (S)
    Datum:12-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 2023-09-12
    “Hannah” explores the universal theme of unrequited love, resonating with emotive storytelling and catchy pop melodies. Everybody has come across a Hannah at some stage of their life.

    Bailey Perrie is a singer-songwriter from Western Australia with a clean melodic emotional style that does not conform to eras or styles, however all her songs will have elements of pop. You will find country, rock, and jazz undertones. Performing for prestigious Perth venues including RAC Arena, The Royal Show, and Optus Stadium, music has been the fuel to her fire since she began writing at just 11 years old.

    Since her first release in 2017: "Step by Step", Bailey’s coming-of-age catalogue has grown tremendously, charting on OZCMR, Tiger FM89.9, Banks Radio in Australia, and numerous others. "My Way Out of the Dark" reaching number 1. Bringing her great strength in acting and dance into music videos that complement each release, Bailey currently stacks up 575k collective views on YouTube.

    Bailey receives numerous awards and recognition for her music. A highlight for Bailey is her song called "Stuck", a song she wrote for the charity called The Magic Coat. They are a children's mental health foundation, and the song was well received by the country charts spreading the positive message.

    Unpaid Therapist is dedicated to anyone who asks if you are okay and listens. This is a fun upbeat pop song with relatable lyrics. This track will remind you to recharge and take some time to yourself.

      EMIL SIGFRIDSSON  Back to yesterday (A):
    • New Horizon
    • Spanish lullaby
    • Raindrops
    • Hold on
    • Rockstar passion
    • Dancing with an angel
    • Maybe I´ll se you again

    Datum:12-09-2023Label: Kronan Kristianstad ABHemsida: 2023-09-29
    Emil Sigfridsson, som en gång i tiden vann föregångaren till Idol - Fame Factory, har sedan dess gjort mängder med andra saker och inte minst arbetat med mycket musikaler och produktioner, inklusive den senaste Rock Of Ages och Queenmusikalen. Nu presenterar han sitt senaste album, "Back To Yesterday", som musikaliskt tar oss tillbaka till slutet av 1980-talet. Albumet är en resa till den epoken med en massor av feta synthar och singalong-refränger, i en stil som påminner om Bon Jovi. Här finner vi kraftfulla gitarrer, en riktigt fet prodd som det lät på den tiden och allt ackompanjerat av Emils imponerande sångröst.

    I höst fortsätter framgångssagan med Rock Of Ages-musikalen (utsålda hus), där Emil och ensemblen hyllar musiken som har inspirerat honom att skapa detta album. För de som älskar musiken som släpps på etablerade AOR-bolag som Frontiers och Escape kommer detta album att vara en sann fröjd

      REACH  Mama Mama (S)
    Datum:12-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-15
    Nyligen hemkomna från en omfattande och framgångsrik Europaturné med H.E.A.T., och efter succén med albumsläppet 'The Promise of a Life', är REACH nu tillbaka med en ny spännande berättelse i otämjd rock n' roll-kostym. ‘Mama Mama’ är den första singeln från bandets helt nya album och riv-startar kampanjen med en rejäl portion energi, drama och attityd.

    Bortsett från det högintensiva och tillfredsställande rock-höljet, har den nya låten även en skrämmande historia insvept i de malande gitarrerna och kraftfulla vokal-insatserna. Bandet sångaren, tillika låtskrivaren Ludvig Turner berättar om singelns mörka lyrik-tema, "Mama Mama är en av de mörkaste låtarna från det nya albumet. Den är skriven utifrån ett barns perspektiv, som ser sina föräldrar bråka och tror att det är hans fel. Klassiskt... Mamma slår ihjäl pappa och barnet oroar sig för vad som ska hända härnäst. Allt slutar med att barnet slår ihjäl sin mamma”.

    Reach är inga främlingar för dramatik när det gäller musikskapande. Tvärtom är det en välkänd krydda i bandets låtar, som ger sig tillkänna både musikaliskt och i lyric. I arbetet med sitt nya album teamade bandet upp med musikproducenten Christian Schneider, som gjorde det till sitt uppdrag att förena den lekfulla essensen av Reach med deras musikaliska skicklighet. Turner ger oss insyn i sitt låtskrivande genom att förklara: "Jag har ingen önskan om att göra eller uppleva de saker jag skriver om, men när jag ser eller hör något riktigt konstigt vill jag ofta göra musik och en berättelse om det. Den här låten hämtar inspiration från en intervju som Dr Phil gjorde med en tonåring som heter Zachary Davis. Det är hemska grejer, inget för svaga magar. Men det var vad som sådde fröet och "Mama Mama" blev resultatet."

    Trion, som består av Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson och Soufian Ma’Aoui, kännetecknas av en gemensam passion för musik, en stark drivkraft för nyskapande och en genuin glädje för hantverket. Något som blir uppenbart i bandets explosiva och medryckande liveframträdanden, där deras omfattande musikaliska förmåga förstärks av lekfullhet och improvisation.

    Efter den omfattande turnén runt Europa tillsammans med H.E.A.T, berättar Turner: "Vi är överväldigade av stödet och reaktionerna från turnén. Det var första gången vi spelade låtarna från "The Promise of a Life" live och de låter ännu bättre live än på skiva, och de låter jävligt bra på skiva. Vi är tacksamma för vår chans att gå ut som H.E.A.T:s suppor-akt och vi är övertygade om att vi ska fortsätta göra det vi gör."

    REACH sprider sitt namn runt om i Europa genom en stadigt växande skara av fans och anhängare. Nu är de redo att presentera en ny era i sin rock-saga med en signel som utan tvekan kommer få publiken att fortsätta hoppa och dansa. ‘Mama Mama’ släpps den 15 september via den Stockholmsbaserade boutique Labeln Icons Creating Evil Art.

      BRANDSTA CITY SLÄCKERS  Sjukt galet tokig (S)
    Datum:12-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-01
    Brandsta City Släckers är tillbaka med ny singel "Sjukt Galet Tokig" skriven av Miqael Persson och Peter Kvint. Brandmännen slog igenom som en bomb i mello 2002 med låten "Kom Och Ta Mig", där även den berömda "Brandsta-klappen" kom till. Därefter följde årets största sommarturne'. 15 nya publikrekord sattes i Sverige under den turnen. De har tävlat två gånger i Melodifestivalen. Bandet låg ETTA 19 veckor i sträck på Svensktoppen. Brandsta turnerar fortfarande flitigt, och nu är det som sagt dags för ny musik…

      DARKPLACE  This is loud (S)
    Datum:12-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-15
    Darkplace presents tales from their extensive, grim universe with each single!

    Darkplace is an anonymous band that has recently emerged on the music scene, set to release their debut album 'About the End of the World' in the autumn of 2023. Their music is rooted in post punk, but incorporates a variety of other genres in their sound. The concept behind the album is centred around a grim future, or perhaps present, where the world is depicted through digital paintings in the accompanying music videos. The imagery is inspired by the bleak landscape of Stockholm's Västerort, but with a unique and imaginative twist.

    The debut single 'Arken över Hesselby' translates to 'The Ark Over Hesselby', pointing towards an alternative version of the Stockholm suburb "Hässelby". It's video shows us a familiar cityscape, haunted by an unknown presence watching form the sky. Its successor 'Fearmonger', transports us to another part of the same daunting universe, where we bare witness to the fate of a lone fot soldier as he faces with the ominous Ark. Third single 'Cars' moves on to the story of a man travelling north, following cryptic messages written on highway signs that mysteriously only shows up in the blast of his headlights. Is he the only one that can see and follow the trail?

    Now, the story continues and the plot thickens with forth single 'This Is Loud' , bringing the story to a a full circle. Back to the beguinning, and Hesselby. The artist gives us a sneak peek into the new chapter with this cryptic message: "I Couldn’t go out anymore, I didn’t feel safe. It was all connected, I don't know how but we all knew it was part of something bigger. In secret forums we discussed. We knew what it ment, the world was ending. Is it possible to survive this? Will we all go mad? Nowhere is safe."

    Most of the instrumental songs on 'About the End of the World' were written with a specific dramaturgy and story in mind, which shows in the cinematic short movie-like music videos. Darkplace gives us an intriguing insight to their creative process. "The first idea for an animation was Arken Över Hesselby. We started creating the art before we had the music, so the piece is written as a soundtrack to the animation."

    The art is a multi layered process that involve photography, sculpting, oli painting, digital editing and animation. Darkplace explains: "For structures, Nomad Sculpt is used to form it, then the motives are exported in the specific angle each scene requires and is imported into Procreate to be painted there. We use oil paintbrushes and paint over the photo. It is layers upon layers and it gets messy. Exporting gets even messier since we want depth in the scenes and need to export them in layered depths. A few scenes in this project have been frame by frame animated as well. This projekt has taken almost 2 years so far, so we try to kept it to a minimal."

    It comes as no surprise that Darkplace is about far more than just releasing excellent music. It is an art project that seeks to explore and comment on the state of the world through audio and visuals. As a new and enigmatic force in the music industry, Darkplace is sure to turn heads with their innovative approach to creating art.

      THE REFRESHMENTS  The light of love (S)
    Datum:11-09-2023Label: Wild Kingdom RecordsHemsida: www.refreshments.seReleasedatum: 2023-09-15
    Music & Lyrics: Joakim Arnell

      GABE LEE  Drink the river (S)
    Datum:11-09-2023Label: Torrez Music GroupHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-05-05
    I mitten av juli i år, med ur skandinaviskt perspektiv, sämsta tänkbara timing, släppte Gabe Lee sitt nya album "Drink The River". Ett album som är så makalöst bra att vi väljer att nu presentera det som helt nytt trots att det varit ute i två månader. För Gabe Lee och "Drink The River" förtjänar sannerligen att uppmärksammas! Först ut är titelspåret "Drink the River"!

    Gabe Lee är inget mer och inget mindre än en mycket bra singer/songwriter av den klassiska country-skolan. Men förväxla inte klassiskt med gammeldags. Gabe Lee är i högsta grad här och nu. Både musik och texter speglar vår tid. Nya albumet "Drink The River" är ett prov på mästerligt låtskriveri och handlar om livet in staden där han föddes, växte upp och lever. Och Gabe Lee är något så unikt som en musiker som faktiskt är född och uppvuxen i Nashville!

    I höst kommer Gabe Lee till Skandinavien för första gången. Vi glädjer oss!

      BRENDAN McMAHON  Send in the clowns (S)
    Datum:11-09-2023Label: Hemsida: www.brendanmcm.comReleasedatum: 2023-09-08
    Growing up in a small country town was fantastic. Most of the time we made our own fun and adventures but every now and then something incredibly exciting happened… the circus would come to town!!!

    Brendan Mcmahon grew up in Kapunda near South Australia’s Barossa Valley, where he discovered his love of music at the tender age of 15 after being “awed and floored” seeing Jimi Hendrix play on television; amazed by the sounds that Jimi could pull from a guitar and captivated by the iconic performer’s showmanship. Borrowing money from his mother (and paying it back at $2 a week) he promptly bought himself a $60 guitar and amp rig from a mate.

    Initially wanting to be a glam-rock superstar in the 80s and 90s (think Van Halen, Kiss, Def Leppard), McMahon later transitioned to the more storytelling driven tunes of songwriters such as Paul Kelly, Harry Manx, Richard Thompson and Garth Brooks, artists that continue to inspire him today.

    Spending his late teens and early twenties as a lead singer/lead guitarist in rock cover bands playing across Adelaide and country Victoria, McMahon honed his skills the hard way – in front of demanding Australian pub and club crowds. In 1998, and now bitten by both the song writing and performance bug, McMahon released a 7-track EP called ‘Picture This’ with his band The Cunning Stunts. ‘The songs, mostly pop rock, now seem too cluttered and uninteresting compared to the music I write today, but I still love to listen to them once in a while as they bring back great memories.”

    In 2015 and 2016, Brendan released the solo albums ‘Falling To Earth’ and ‘Marker 7-58’ under the moniker of Satellite Gods, and in doing so was fortunate enough to collaborate and work with some renowned Australian musicians including Peter Maslen (Boom Crash Opera), Jason Vorherr (Darryl Braithwaite), Bob Spencer (The Angels), Simon Hosford (Vanessa Amorosi) and Wilbur Wilde (Ol’ 55).

    Brendan explains “I met these fabulous musicians through the recording studio I use (Soggy Dog Recording Studio in Upwey, Victoria). Not only did they contribute their instrumental talents to these albums, they also opened up my eyes to new concepts and helped me understand the importance of ‘leaving space’ in the music.” After supporting artists such as Boom Crash Opera, Russell Morris, Wendy Stapleton and The Chantoozies in Australia, Brendan released the LP ‘On This Fine Occasion’ in 2017, which received great reviews both locally and internationally.

    “Whatever it is that makes his music just so amazingly addictive, the American audience is not only ready to take Brendan McMahon in as one of their own, but they’re ready to catapult him to a level of fame that he hasn’t already previously known in his already well accomplished and hard-fought career in this business.” - Cash Box Magazine, Canada

      KIM CAMERON (featuring SAX DIVA)  Running Past The Line Remixes (EP)
    Datum:10-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-07
    As a continuation from the Influencers album, Running Past the Line featuring Sax Diva has already garnered over 50,000 Spotify streams. The album, in just two months has topped 380,000 Spotify streams and worldwide airplay. It has won Best Music Video, Best Dance Recording and a Bronze medal for Best Dance Song. It charted on the UK Electro itunes chart at #31 and #2 on the USA Dance Itunes chart. Remixes by chart topping Kevin Rockhill and Italy's Raf N Soul complete this powerful package.

      FOR KING + COUNTRY  What are we waiting for? (S)
    Datum:10-09-2023Label: Curb RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-01
    The updated bonus album collection (called +) includes two new originals: the long-awaited title-cut, “What Are We Waiting For?” and “Better Man,” as well as two previously released duets: chart-topping“Love Me Like I Am (feat. Jordin Sparks)” and GRAMMY-nominated “For God Is With Us (feat. Hillary Scott).

    “So often we deal in statements in life- we make statements about ourselves, about others. And yet so often, life hands us questions. We have found it very relieving and exciting to start writing from that place, and ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ stands as just that. We’re proud to ask these questions alongside you, and we hope that you find your answers as we’ve found ours.”

      A PARADISE DOT  Latter days (S)
    Datum:10-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-08
    Som frontman för det andligt våldsamma post-hardcore-bandet Tengil har Sakarias Westman släppt album via Prophecy Productions, turnerat i Japan, Kina och flera varv runt Europa. Nu lanserar han sitt soloprojekt A Paradise Dot och i ett nytt samarbete med svenska alt-konstkännarna Icons Creating Evil Art gör han sig redo att släppa sitt första album som soloartist genom att introducera singeln Latter Days.

    Westman berättar: "Den första singeln på det första A Paradise Dot-albumet är ett kärleks- och hatbrev till självförstörelsen som ger våra hjärtan en passage framåt genom tiden. Den första lågan som lyser upp stjärnorna i en annars afotisk natt... till ett pris av kropp, blod och själ. Det handlar om de stackare som leker gud och i sin vägran att betala detta pris istället lämnar ett monster åt oss alla i slutet av berättelsen, och de välmenande forskarna som inte kommer att ta det sista steget in i ljuset trots sin tro på sanning. Låten föreställer att efter kärnvapenstormen, AI, den hänsynslösa förvirringen, de goda avsikterna går en ensam vandrare i ödemarken och återkallar en nyklassisk låt han skrev som ett sätt att minnas skräcken med att veta vad som väntade men att vara maktlös att sluta. I hopp om att hitta ett sätt att rädda den för en framtida generation sjunger han den till vraket av monumenten, de omärkta gravarna och skräpet. Denna sista redogörelse för hans civilisation. Alldeles intill det ljusaste är den totala förintelsen av allt vi håller kärt och när natten är svart och till synes oändlig behöver vi en utgång. Ändå är det för ingenting om vi går för nära solen.

    Berättelsen börjar med en del av en vision av slutet. De skatter och extaser vi ägnade oss åt och i toppen av världen kom med ett pris. Det är så roligt att spela gud men när vi träffade monstret och slutet på drömmen var ingen av oss redo att möta det. Och när du inte kan betala den skuld du är skyldig, ler den när den bryter isär själva marken under våra fötter. Precis som vi hade njutit av att plocka isär atomer och stjärnor, slets vår värld i eld på ett ögonblick. Jag kommer aldrig att glömma skriken när vi alla föll från himlen, ingen av oss visste - eller åtminstone hade kommit ihåg hur skada kändes. Inte många överlevde den första dagen av de sista dagarna. Jag tror att de som inte dog av såren inte kan leva med insikten om vad de gjort. Jag är den enda kvar. Jag drömmer fortfarande om blommor medan jag undrar, - om jag hade kommit till toppen innan allt tog slut, skulle jag ha kunnat stoppa det, eller skulle jag ha misslyckats på samma sätt som alla andra gjorde?"

    A Paradise Dot initierades i slutet av 2019 och trots pandemin lyckades Sakarias turnera både i Mexiko och Europa. När världen öppnade igen har några framgångsrika konserter hållits i Sverige, Danmark och på New Friends Fest i Kanada.

    Skivan är hans egen mix av Emo, Black Metal, Folk och Noiserock, där han själv skrivit allt och spelar alla instrument och en kör av vackert brus samlas kring Sveriges bästa sångröst. Skivan är inspelad i The End studios i Lund med mix och master av Ulf Blomberg.

    De senaste åren har strötts med konstnärssamarbeten; Westman lånade ut sin röst till Respires "Black Line", han släppte en låt på Tokyo Jupiters "Memories of a lost city" och medverkade på Mauléns album "El Miedo De Amar Pero Igual Lo Hago". I maj i år öppnade A Paradise Dot för Liturgy på deras show i Göteborg.

      MIKAEL VASARA  Det sköra livet (S)
    Datum:09-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Vasaras första singelsläpp från hans kommande album "Det sköra livet". En direkt låt med en text som beskriver kärlek, vemod och vardagen som bara Vasara kan. En bit som etsar sig fast på ett behagligt sätt. En ärlig och svensk poplåt som är helt enkelt grymt bra. Något man sällan får höra idag.

    Det sköra livet är Mikael Vasaras tredje fullängdsalbum. Vasara har även släppt två EP samt ett flertal singelsläpp. Musik producerad av Rogalski och Janne Bark, även gjort samarbeten med Moist. Vasaras låt "Den röda linjens distrikt" från hans förra album "Invid horisontens vagga" har idag spelats över 1 miljon gånger på Spotify. Mikael Vasara har ett samiskt ursprung.

      TONY CLARKE  Good old fashioned ways (S)
    Datum:08-09-2023Label: Hemsida: tonyclarkecountry.comReleasedatum: 
    Tony Clarke’s latest album “I’m On The Outside” is a polished 12 song album of Neo-Traditional Country that captures all the warmth in Tony’s vocals as well as a singular approach to songwriting. As a writer, Tony functions a storyteller who builds his songs about love, loss, regret and resignation within real-life situations that bypass predictability. A flair for clever wordplay lends, the all-original album, some genuine lyrical depth.

    “I’m On The Outside” is the latest offering from UK’s leading Country singer-songwriter, Tony Clarke, and is something of an international production. After the sympathetic instrumental support from some of Nashville’s finest had been laid down, the finishing touches to “I’m On The Outside” were applied in Melbourne, Australia. Guitarist, bandleader and engineer, Paulie Bignell, recorded all the vocals, added some necessary overdubs and then did the mixing at his Hailstone Studio in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs, with Miss Rita Red on harmonies.

    Sonically, “I’m On The Outside” is solid Country - the pedal steel is pronounced, the guitars bite down hard and the rhythm section stays right in the pocket. Nonetheless, the big sound never swamps Tony’s heartfelt vocals that rise to the occasion in the cry-in-your-beer balladry of “Five Days To Live” and “Nancy Blonde And Blue Eyes” plus the Orbisonesque swell of “Four Grey Walls”. Elsewhere there are excursions into Honky Tonk, smart Country Rock and the album’s closer, “Catch The Early Rain”, is a charming throwback to Gordon Lightfoot’s earlier work.

    For anyone who likes their Country to go straight to the heart free of frills and compromises, “I’m On The Outside” is the ride to take.

    Also this year 2022 Tony has re performed, mixed and mastered, three of his Christmas songs, “Hallelujah it’s Christmas”, “Little Old Christmas Tree” and finally “Walking Home to Christmas”. These Christmas beauties will take to you back to the days of pure story telling!

      CLAIRE O´HARA KENNEDY  Papa wrote a song for Mama (S)
    Datum:08-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Claire has over 30 years experience singing at school and in local church choirs. She also helped out with the Children’s Youth Choir in Tallaght, Dublin in Ireland. Claire is a recording artist, in partnership with local musicians and songwriters, who has recorded several songs released on Spotify. Originally from Tallaght, Claire moved to Donegal in 2022. She quickly became an active member of two of Donegal's most sought after choirs; EnCór and Donegal Abbey Singers. Claire values her experience with these well renowned choirs. As well as being a recording vocalist, working with other writers, Claire has completed 3 years of musical theatre and theatre studies with Inchicore and has sung at numerous events including hundreds of weddings, funerals, nursing homes and festivals throughout her musical career. Claire met Sinead not long after her move and after the obvious connection, through their shared love of singing, they decided to create The Ceremony Singers. Claires sweet Irish vocals easily carry her new single released to international radio “Papa Wrote A Song For Mama”.

      PERIFERI  Sitt ner i båten (S)
    Datum:08-09-2023Label: Hemsida: periferi.infoReleasedatum: 2023-09-08
    Med låten "Sitt ner i båten" tar Periferi en spännande musikalisk vändning och utforskar nya territorier. Efter att ha tidigare släppt det hyllade albumet "Funkar De?" med starka influenser från 70-talets funk, har Periferi nu rört sig mot en mer rå och melankolisk ljudbild med "Sitt Ner I Båten”.

    "Sitt ner i båten" är en låt som skrevs och utvecklades i samarbete med elever på den välrenommerade utbildningen Musikmakarna i Örnsköldsvik. Låtens budskap fokuserar på att konfrontera de djupaste skrymslen av ditt inre. Att ge efter för att hitta lugnet och vara närvarande i stunden. Att öppna upp för det som legat gömt under ytan och känna känslor som du saknat, för första gången.

    Om Periferi: De fyra 20-åriga killarna i kollektivet Periferi har etablerat sig de senaste fem a°ren och har skapat musik ihop sedan 2018. Med rötter i Strängnäs, Eskilstuna och Stockholm träffades de på Kulturama gymnasium (idag bor alla i Stockholm). Periferi är groovigt med modernt hiphopsound inspirerat av allt från 70-talets soul till dagens funk. Med texter som speglar hur det är att vara ungdom i dagens samhälle bjuder dom på ett gung som bara kan beskrivas som en stor fest. Deras vision är att lyfta fram själen i svensk hip-hop och beröra en stor målgrupp med deras passion och självkänsla. På scen bjuder dom på fartfylld energi som utstrålar mängder av energi och positivitet.

      MURDO MITCHELL x OLIVER NELSON  Your skin (Oliver Nelson remix) (S)
    Datum:07-09-2023Label: Icons Creating Evil ArtHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-07
    Efter ett produktivt år tillsammans med Icons Creating Evil Art, där vi sett honom släppa en mängd spännande alster, inklusive "Lies", "Jaded" och "Ghosts", flera turnéer och hyllningar från både press och radio, så släppte singer-songwritern Murdo Mitchell slutligen sin EP Aztec Jewel i våras. Singeln 'Your Skin' är plockad därifrån, remixades först av den platinasäljande svensk/amerikanska duon flora cash och får nu ytterligare en remix - denna gång av den internationellt hyllade EDM-producenten Oliver Nelson.

    Oliver Nelson är ett stort namn inom den elektroniska musiken -världen, där han blandar inslag av vintage-disco med dansmusik och en subtil känslighet som har hjälpt honom att bearbeta låtar av Tove Lo, Justin Timberlake, Marina and the Diamonds och till och med Whitney Houston. Han har också samarbetat med sådana som Kygo, Todd Terry, Zayn, The Kooks och många fler, och levererat ett väldigt eklektiskt utbud av releaser under hela sin karriär.

    1. Overboard
    2. Damage control

    Datum:07-09-2023Label: Blue Elan RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-13
    Chris Shiflett från Foo Fighters släpper nytt album, Lost At Sea, 20 oktober via Blue Élan Records. Cadillac Threes Jaren Johnston har producerat och plattan förenar Shifletts California rock 'n' roll-rötter med hans kärlek till country-musiken.

    "My favorite songs are the ones that you don’t have to labor over,” quips Foo Fighter guitarist, podcast host, songwriter, and all-around rock-and-roller Chris Shiflett. “Sometimes you have those magic songwriting moments when your pen can barely keep up with the words and it all spills out really quickly. Somehow they always just sing and play better, looser, freer.”

    In this case, he’s waxing about his brand-new single, “Overboard,” an overdriven, mid-tempo strummer from his upcoming album Lost at Sea—out October 20th via Blue Élan Records. “It’s a middle-aged love song,” says Shiflett. Nodding to the final verse of “Overboard”—“No little voices down the hall / Distracting us at all, oh no”—he jokes, “All the parents out there will understand.”

    Nya singeln “Overboard” släpps den 13 september!

      TERJE ESPENES  Røtter (A)
    Datum:06-09-2023Label: Inner East RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-01
    På toppen av masta ligger Rasmus Bratli. Min bestefar. Året er 1925 og han er rundt 20 år gammel på en skute i nød. Fast i isen ute i Nordishavet et sted. Full av dumdristighet og litt fordi han kjedet seg klatret han til toppen av masta og sa til kapteinen at han måtte ta frem kameraet, gå ut på isen, og ta et bilde slik at øyeblikket kunne foreviges. «No får vårherre besøk» va ordan blandt mannskapet. Dette bildet symboliserer for meg livskraft, og hvor viktig det er å ta litt sjangser i livet. Gi litt av seg selv. Dette er mine røtter. // Terje Espenes

      JUSTIN HUNTER  Panhandle Highway (S)
    Datum:06-09-2023Label: Hemsida: justinhunterband.comReleasedatum: 2023-07-01
    Fueled by coffee and gasoline, Panhandle Highway offers a glimpse into the life on the road of a traveling musician. Despite hardships, loneliness, and the repetitiveness of the journey, they continue pushing forward paying their dues in pursuit of their dreams like a tumbleweed rolling along the Panhandle Highway night after night.

      HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER  I´d Like To Live It Again (A)
    Datum:06-09-2023Label: Desert Kid RecordsHemsida: www.hermannlammersmeyer.deReleasedatum: 
    Europe`s king of Texas dance hall music again journeyed to the USA to record amother blockbuster album. This time, it was at the dawn of the 21 st century, January 2ooo. The venue was the old Starday Studio in Nashville,Tn.

    Hermann wrote six of the tunes including country ballads The Best Part Of Nothing ( with David Frizzell, who joins Hermann as a special singing guest on this great tune) and She`s Dancing Alone. He also wrote a terrific Texas Dance Hall type song, What Took You So Long, and two upbeat country tunes, When Angel Falls, and Step By Step ... and the rockin`and rollin`dance tune Bear Creek Lounge. Out of country music history comes Foggy Mountain Top, ( with "Pretty Miss" Norma Jean ) from the days of the Carter Family and this reviewer`s personal favorite, Rose Of The Mountains, from the Ernest Tubb songbook, complete with yodeling by the Callaways and a touch of swing. Hermann is joined by Lois Johnson to relive the days when Johnny and Jonie Mosby were together to write and record , (You) Make A Left And Then A Right. Michael Ballew joins Hermann to bring back the old Arlie Duff composition, Y`All Come, complete with a touch of good old western swing.

    The album`s title tune, I`d Like To Live It Again, written by DJ - veteran Smokey Stover, is another gem with the touch of that infectious Texas Dance Hall sound ... and all the Ernest Tubb spirit that you can handle.
    1. Faithful (with Marion Möhring)
    2. Foggy Mountain top (with Norma Jean)
    3. (You make) A left and then a right (with Lois Johnson)
    4. That´s all it took (with Marion Möhring)
    5. Y all come (with Michael Bellew)

      JESSICA FALK  Survivors (EP)
    Datum:06-09-2023Label: Hemsida: www.jessicafalk.comReleasedatum: 2023-09-15
    Den 15 september släpper countrypopsångerskan och pianisten Jessica Falk EP:n "Survivors". Musiken har fått växa fram under några år i Nashville, där låtarna är skrivna och inspelade tillsammans med Nashvilles låtskrivar- och musikerelit. Inspelningen skapades i favoritstudion Addiction Studios där vanligtvis Carry Underwood, Keith Urban, Journey m.fl. spelar in. Producent och medlåtskrivare är Scott Baggett (känd för att ha arbetat bla med Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Hank Williams jr).

    - It is always such a pleasure to work with Jessica! So good at everything she does in music. Singing, playing, writing and performing - this is what she was born to do. Everyone that knows her here in Nashville loves her and I am sure it is that way everywhere says Scott Baggett.

    Tillsammans med sina numera nära vänner Bobby Wood, Vip Vipperman och Scott Baggett, så har Jessica skrivit dessa låtar som handlar om kärleken till livet och om att överleva. Detta efter några tuffa år för Jessica där hon tagit sig igenom svår sjukdom och tragedier. Periodvis har Jessica sedan 2010 spenderat mycket tid i Nashville, efter att hon blev inbjuden av prisbelönade musikerlegendaren Charlie McCoy som är känd som musikernas musiker. Tidigt mötte hon pianisten och låtskrivaren Bobby Wood (Dusty Springfield, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, LeAnn Rimes), som blev hennes mentor. Den aktade legenden har också varit mentor, låtskrivare och studiomusiker åt superstjärnan Garth Brooks under hela hans karriär. Bobby var även nära vän och pianist till Elvis Presley. Jessica och Bobby har skrivit flertalet låtar genom åren. På EP:n har de tillsammans skrivit balladen "You´re the one".

    Första singeln från EP:n "U don´t know why" släpptes 1 juni och har adderats i 15 länder och har mottagits positivt för sitt budskap om att kunna förlåta och gå vidare. Den skrevs tillsammans med Vip Vipperman (Emmylou Harris, LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire m.fl.)

    Jessica säger så här om EP:n: - Jag hoppas med min nya musik, kunna inspirera andra att ta vara på livet, njuta så mycket som möjligt, våga testa sina inre drömmar och inte ångra någonting. "We are all survivors in this life".

    Musikvideon till "SURVIVORS" sllpps även den 15 september. Alla låtarna på EP:n har sin egen musikvideo. Releasen firas med en stor konsert på Scalateatern i Stockholm.

      DANKO JONES  Get high (S)
    Datum:05-09-2023Label: AFM RecordsHemsida: 2023-09-07
    "Med legaliseringen av marijuana var det oundvikligt att en låt som "Get High?" skulle skrivas." säger den karismatiske frontmannen Danko om bandets nya singel. "Jag visste bara inte att det skulle vara vårt band som skrev låten för alla potheads. Gästar på låten gör ingen mindre än Damian Abraham från Fucked Up, som ger ett tydligt svar på bandets fråga - Do You Wanna Get High? Hans svar är "Ja".

      JON DAVIS  One-Life Stand (S)
    Datum:05-09-2023Label: Hemsida: 2022-05-15
    One-Life Stand by Australian singer/songwriter Jon Davis is the story of a love that we could all only hope for. The first time Jon performed “One-Life Stand” on stage, an old man in his audience was openly crying as (unbeknown to Jon) it was his life story. Since then, live audiences all over the world have had the shed tears when touched by Jon’s emotive lyrics and rich vocals.

    In the past, Jon had recorded several of his singles with the original Kenny Rogers Band and “One-Life Stand” needed that level of musical prowess. On this occasion however, Jon worked from his own studio in Darwin, Australia while the band was in the Nashville and together, they recorded “One-Life Stand” across the ocean.

    So far, “One-Life Stand” has been a Top 4 finalist for the 2023 Northern Territory, Country Song of the Year (alongside another of Jon’s singles – “I Don’t Really Mind”). Moreover, Jon has also just been notified that “One-Life Stand” is a Top 30 contender for the ASA 2023 Australian Country Song of the Year – (to be announced in September 2023).

    Jon is currently writing for a new album, and you can be sure that “One-Life Stand” will be a feature track.

    Officially based in Darwin, Jon Davis is a troubadour who has performed extensively throughout Australia, America, Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. JD had been writing songs from quite an early age and later he also wrote copy for radio and TV commercials which guided him into how to deliver a story. By melding both skills, JD honed his songwriting and has never looked back. Jon was singing ‘covers’ and didn’t actually do much with his own compositions until he met The Kenny Rogers Band on Kenny’s final tour of Australia. JD mentioned he had written a few songs and the band asked to see them. Next thing JD was off to Nashville to live and record with the same hit-makers who backed Kenny Rogers. Since then, Jon has been on the road for most that time writing and performing songs and touching audiences from the big cities to the outback.

      23TILL  Det börjar verka kärlek banne mig (S)
    Datum:05-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    ”Det är vår hyllning och tack för hjälpen vi fått”

    Så förklarar 23Till valet att släppa ”Det börjar verka kärlek, Banne mig” som det första inspelade livstecknet på nästan två år. Låten som gjordes odödlig av Claes-Göran Hederström som Sveriges Eurovisionbidrag 1968. Claes-Göran Hederström lämnade jordelivet i november 2022. Bakgrunden till hyllningen är att bandet under flera år samarbetat med den gamle schlagerkungen som hjälpt till med ”vissa administrativa sysslor”, som bandet uttrycker det. ”Dessutom är det ju den coolaste poplåt och det coolaste framträdande som Sverige någonsin ställt upp med i den där tävlingen”, slår bandet fast.

    Låten blir ett första smakprov på ett antal planerade låtsläpp under hösten och de första releaserna sedan det pärlband av singlar som 23Till släppte 2021. Då slogs framtidsplanerna till stor del sönder av pandemin men nu har bandet samlat styrkorna igen på allvar. Till inspelningarna har 23Till också lånat in blåssektionen från reggaelegenderna Kalle Baah. The Horny Horns of Babylon har också gästat bandet under flera livespelningar under 2022/23. 23Till har varit ett aktat namn på den svenska rock- och punkscenen sedan tidigt 90-tal med välkända låtar som ”Balladen om Olsson” och ”Sista Supen” för att nämna några. Sedan dess har Pekings pärlor både hunnit lägga av och göra comeback (2013). Något som bland annat resulterade i det imponerade albumet ”Shake it Baby” (2019) och flera lika imponerande singelsläpp.

    • Janne – sång, gitarr
    • Pila – bas, sång
    • Georga – gitarr, orgel, sång
    • Pelle – trummor

      BILL CHAMBERS & SANDY LOUISE  Loving arms (S)
    Datum:05-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Many years ago, I was lucky enough to see Kris Kristofferson live in Adelaide. He was one of the world’s biggest stars at the time, due to his incredible songwriting and famous movie appearances! One highlight of the show was when Kris invited his wife Rita Coolidge on stage for the duet “Loving Arms.” It’s 50 years this month (September) since that original was released, so Sandy Louise and I thought it fitting that we release our own version this month

      ROBIN ROBERTS and BILLIE PRESTON  Midwest Drifters M.C. of O-Zone County, Kans (S)
    Datum:04-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-06
    Robin and I have been playing together and gigging together since 2008. We have recorded and released two CDs, but we tried something new starting last April: we released at least one single/month.

    Our latest single will be released on September 6. It's called Midwest Drifters M.C. of O-Zone County, Kans. (Robin is from Norwich, KS, population about 445) Back in the 70s, before I knew him, Robin played a New Year's Eve show for the Midwest Drifters M.C. of O-Zone County, Kans. After hours of playing, the leader and fiercest member, Crazy Miller stood right in front of Robin, and kept saying, "Play another one! I'm gettin off on it!," Robin said, "Man, I'm done. I can't play another one." Crazy Miller shouted out to everyone, "Hey Everyone, Let's have a vote to make Robin Roberts an Honorary Member of the Midwest Drifters M.C!" And, by unanimous vote, it came to be.

      KARA CIEZKY  Pop / Old Town Road (S)
    Datum:04-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    SMASH IT UP is an album concept and show created by Kara Ciezki, that specializes in re-creating mashups in ways you never expected!

    A mashup is a technique which involves the blending of two or more pre-recorded songs, where the vocal track of one song is overlaid seamlessly over the instrumental track of another song. There are thousands of mashups that have been created by DJ’s and music producers, but these new releases take the mashup to another level – a SMASH UP!

    Using well known iconic songs that people know and love from artists including Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Adele, Britney Spears and The Eurythmics, and putting them together with more recent artists such as Billie Eilish, Tones & I, Jonas Brothers, Dua Lipa and Harry Styles, these songs have been re-created beyond the typical ‘mashup’!

    Internationally trained and award-winning musician Kara Ciezki earned her Bachelor of Music at the highly acclaimed University of Melbourne (1999), before traveling to New England Conservatory of Music (USA) where she completed her Masters in Historical and Contemporary Performance on Recorder (2003). Winning first place at the Woodwind Concerto Competition at the New England Conservatory, Kara debuted as a concert soloist on the recorder in 2001 at Jordan Hall, Boston, and since then has performed across Australia and the US, highlighting both her vocal and woodwind abilities. In 2006 Kara began to shift her focus more exclusively towards voice and has since gained recognition among local and international musicians and producers, leading to successful collaborations, releases and performances, including Opera Australia, Orchestra Victoria, Pipistrelli Chamber Players, Soria Chamber Players, NEC Chamber Players, DJ Cubist, Asian Envy, Minister & Youthful Implants, Bongmoth, Black Sun, After Dark Theatre, Christopher Wiseman and members of the Funk Buddies.

    Kara is currently working on a number of new EP’s and album recordings, due to be launched in the coming months, and live shows which will be joining venues and festival circuits across Australia from October 2023.

      NIzhNA  Never too late (S)
    Datum:04-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-01
    The war in Ukraine has ripped apart the lives of its people and many creatives have sought refuge in countries who have opened their arms to those impacted by the conflict. NIzhNA and her husband Mykola are a recording couple who had to turn their backs on a successful career in their native land and needed to transform themselves in the bosom of another home.

    Moving to Norway, the pair have been recording previously written tracks that were unable to be worked on due to the constant black outs and air raid warnings. Now safe in the embrace of the Nordic Kingdom, the pair have been recreating their material at a studio in Storebø and Never Too Late is their way of giving back to a world that has seen them endure love and devastation in equal measure.

    1. Get back your fight
    2. Get Back Your Fight (Dave Aude Remix)

    Datum:03-09-2023Label: Hemsida: www.sarahreevesmusic.comReleasedatum: 2023-08-31
    Fiery Track tackles Mental Health and Marks First Song Written and Produced Solely By Sarah Reeves.

    At the request of fans, Curb | Word Entertainment singer, songwriter and pop artist Sarah Reeves debuts viral hit “Get Back Your Fight,” The blazing track marks the first song written and produced solely by Reeves. The music video premiered on Wonderland, a global magazine highlighting the best new and established talent across pop culture.

    After posting a reel of her demoing the first verse and chorus of the honest, theatrical selection that gives listeners a glimpse into Reeves’ mental health journey, the songstress garnered 25K new followers on social media in a month’s time. As fans gave the clip legs, the in-demand lyricist was challenged to complete the song that reveals her slapping on a fake smile, stuffing down her issues, and letting depression wreak havoc on her psyche. “Get Back Your Fight” finds the multifaceted artist in the ring, throwing a calculated one-two punch at fear and reassuring listeners they’re not alone in the struggle.

    “I’ve done a lot of digging deep and healing this year, but sometimes I surprise myself when something comes up that triggers me or takes me back a few steps. It’s discouraging, but at the same time, I never want to be afraid to confront those issues that are deeply rooted in my heart. Let’s keep growing, keep healing; and don’t be too hard on yourself when you mess up. No hurt is ever wasted. We’re all in this together. Be kind to one another,” Reeves encourages fans, who continue to share her reels of “Get Back Your Fight.” “I’m so glad this song is helping and connecting with so many of you.”

    “Get Back Your Fight” is the third in a series of new releases from Reeves this year, following nostalgia-laced offering “Jealousy” and romantic, first dance-worthy “Wanna Be Here,” which was featured in Hallmark Channel’s original movie, A Winning Team, this spring.

    New Album Release 'Best Days' September 22.

    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Indigo MusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-01
    En av de mest turnerande och populära artisterna inom den svensktalande delen av Finland, Helen Nyberg, gör en duett med Henrik Åberg. Henrik, som varje år genomför långa turnéer och spelar inför utsålda konserthus, har tillsammans med Helen skapat en underbar ballad. Låten bryter gränser inom musikgenrer, och kombinationen av Henriks barytonröst och Helens vackra sång ger duetten med den vackra texten en alldeles speciell känsla.

      KENJI STANDLEE  Blessings from above (S)
    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Up-and-coming Nashville musician Kenji Standlee is releasing his new song, "Blessing From Above". The song is a heartfelt tribute to Standlee's parents, who are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary this year.

    Standlee, who is originally from Houston, Texas, wrote and composed "Blessing From Above" after his parents told him the story of how they met in Hawaii. The song is a beautiful ballad about the power of love and the strength of a family bond.

    "I wanted to write a song that would capture the love and joy that my parents have shared for the past 28 years," Standlee said. "I hope that this song will touch the hearts of everyone who hears it."

      AARON D´ARCY  
    1. Thinking of me
    2. My girl can

    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Hemsida: www.aarondarcymusic.comReleasedatum: 2023-09-08
    Aaron D'Arcy is proud to announce the release of his brand new single "My Girl Can" on Friday 8th September. My Girl Can is an uplifting, Feel good love song composed in Nashville by Aaron and long time writing pal Gregory Becker. The guitar driven song echos hints of John Mayer and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with Aaron own style of Country Americana thrown in for good Measure. Recorded and Performed in Aaron's own Ripon Studios in Yarraville Australia. My Girl Can features guests of Jy Perry Banks on Pedal Steel and Katie Brianna on Backing vocals.

    The Pair also joined Aaron on his Song "Thinking of Me" Also going Digital on the 8th September. Written by Aaron about lost friends Thinking of me was the B side on Vinyl to his single On my own.

    You can see Aaron perform at Nashville (The Bluebird Cafe on 19th Sept 9pm) and (The 5 spot 23rd Sept 12pm), Ballarat (Volta 5th November 3pm) Bacchus (Marsh 11th November)

      BLANDADE ARTISTER  Songs of Glenn Erickson (A)
    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Diamondback RecordsHemsida: www.diamondback-records.comReleasedatum: 
    1. RICK WALTERS: Opposites attract
    2. WILLIAM RAY: Don´t burn your bridges
    3. WILLIAM RAY: I can´t believe my lies
    4. CHRIS ANDERSON: My kinda woman
    5. WILLIAM RAY: Take my hand
    6. WILLIAM RAY: Live yourdream
    7. MAK KAYLOR: How can I miss you
    8. WILLIAM RAY: Letting go
    9. BRIAN GLENN: One love
    10. RYAN SOMERVILLE: I´ll drink to that
    11. TIM BUPPERT: Better half
    12. WILLIAM RAY: Cadillac cowboy
    13. WILLIAM RAY: Little bitty hillbilly band
    14. MICK BARTON: Party time

      STEFAN PERSSON  St. Anne´s reel (S)
    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Stefan PerssonHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-08
    Vi är glada över att presentera den senaste låten från en av Sveriges mest framstående dragspelare - Stefan Persson. Låten "St. Anne's Reel" tar oss med på en fängslande musikalisk resa till de gröna kullarna på Irland. Men först, en kort förklaring av vad en "reel" egentligen är: Reel: En reel är snabb och livlig dansmusik i 2/2-takt som härstammar från Irland. Den karakteriseras av dess pulserande rytm och det snabba tempot som gör att den passar perfekt för dans. Reel-musik spelas traditionellt på instrument som fiol, dragspel och flöjt, och den har blivit en ikonisk del av Irlands musikarv.

      DANZBANDERZ och PERIKLES  Visa mig hur man går hem (S)
    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Atenzia RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-08
    "Visa mig hur man går hem" - Tidslös Dansbandsklassiker får Modern touch När klassiker från förr får nytt liv, då händer något magiskt. "Visa mig hur man går hem," en ikonisk 60-talsklassiker, har nu fått en modern touch tack vare det unika samarbetet mellan två av Sveriges hetaste dansbandsakter: Perikles och Danzbanderz.

    Danzbanderz och Perikles har totalt över 20 miljoner streams per år och de har också en fanbas som sträcker sig över generationer. På sociala medier har de båda väldigt många lojala följare och det är första gången de gör något ihop, och resultatet är inget mindre än explosivt! Deras version av "Visa mig hur man går hem" är inte bara en nostalgitripp; det är en fullskalig fest som bjuder in både dansbandsentusiaster och en yngre publik att släppa loss på dansgolvet och även i alla bilar som rullar runt på Sveriges gator och vägar!

      LINUS ZANDER  Bamboozled By Yo (S)
    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Zander MusicHemsida: 2023-09-08
    Linus Zander är en av de mest aktiva artisterna på den den svenska rockabillyscenen. Jan släpper regelbundet nya singlar och hans strategi och hängivenhet bär frukt då han får och når nya fans med varje nytt släpp. Denna låt är en snygg midtempo-låt skriven av Linus själv. Linus hoppas att nå'n gång få chansen att synas på någon av de större Spotifylistorna för Rockabilly och med sina kvaliteter borde han få chansen. Sommaren har varit en stor framgång för honom med mängder av gig på bilträffar, festivaler och renodlade gig.

      ANKIES  Det är nånting som händer (S)
    Datum:01-09-2023Label: AnkiesHemsida: www.ankies.seReleasedatum: 2023-09-01
    Ankies är tillbaka med den moderna dansbandsfoxen "Det är nånting som händer". Med produktion av Henrik Sethsson och Ankies karakteristiska röst levererar låten en stark refräng. Bandet har visat sig riktigt starka i sommar och var ett av de få band som fick äran att spela två kvällar i rad under den prestigefyllda Dansbandsveckan i Malung. Ankies tar mark med sina singlar och snart är det dags för första fullängsalbumet. Men först den här superstarka låten

      ROCKABILLY FABULOUS  Pour Some Sugar On Me (S)
    Datum:01-09-2023Label: Rockabilly FabulousHemsida: www.rockabillyfabulous.comReleasedatum: 2023-09-08
    Ett energipiller som det brukar från Rockabilly Fabulous. Def Leppards ’Pour Some Sugar On Me’ har ruskats runt i tombolan och som om det inte redan var en grym låt så är det nu en partydänga i glädjens tecken och i Rockabilly Fabulous version.

      BLANDADE ARTISTER  Blue Shamrock Music - August 2023 (A)
    Datum:31-08-2023Label: Blue Shamrock MusicHemsida: blueshamrockmusic.comReleasedatum: 
    1. STEVE SPARROW: Big old land Australia
      Country music singer songwriter Steve Sparrow’s new song, “Big Old Land Australia” is the first single from his latest album, “Now and Forever”. Penned by well-respected writer, Virginia Coad Hermel, this patriotic song talks about the wonders of this amazing country of ours, from the outback to the city and sea. It was first released a few months ago on the current Balladeers compilation album. In recent weeks the track has been played regularly by Macca on Australia All Over. Steve Sparrow’s new album, “Now and Forever” is a country album with a difference. It boasts a range of styles from the heritage sounds of “Big Old Land Australia”, to more contemporary tracks, mixed up with finger style guitar and rock ’n’ country blues. Steve used a wide range of excellent session musicians and backup singers on the album. However, everything on this single was played and sung by Steve Sparrow, showcasing his ability as a vocalist and his musicianship. “Big Old Land Australia” was recorded by Steve, along with the rest of the album, at SPARROW SOUND STUDIO.
    2. JADE HUIRLEY & PIXIE JENKINS: Little bit Country (and a little bit Rock 'n' ROLL)
      Two great entertainers, old mates from different sides of the industry, have thrown their masks and memories of the horrors of the COVID years into the history bin and have come together to record an oldie but a goodie. 146 years of frivolity between them, 80yo RnR piano playing legend Jade Hurley and 66yo Country Music legend and fiddle player Pixie Jenkins have joined ranks and recorded the classic Donnie and Marie Osmond Hit from the ‘70s, “I’m A Little Bit Country and I’m A Little Bit Rock and Roll”. “I mentioned to Jade that we should do the song in passing while swapping yarns over the phone and suddenly he rings up months later “with this great idea”, Pixie giggles. Produced and engineered by Pixie in his own studio, he pulled a few favours from some pretty famous musicians, and young country superstar Angus Gill did the post-production and mastering.
    3. ALAN MACKEY (feat. ANNE KIRKPATRICK): Walking away with the moon
      Alan Mackey's "Walking Away With The Moon" is the entrancing title track of his upcoming new album. Featuring good friend Anne Kirkpatrick on tasty harmonies, the song is a charming ballad that steps through a wide variety of expressions on freedom, care and fortune. Produced by his good mate, the dynamic Angus Gill, the song sparkles with a great arrangement and beautiful playing by Nashville "maestros" Tim Crouch on fiddle and mandolin, Jeff Taylor on piano accordion and piano and Russ Pahl on pedal steel. Sublime.
    4. HIGHWAY 95: Save me
      ‘Save Me’ is an emotionally powerful song written by Bob Derschow. It’s about a mate of his who watched his sister battle cancer, which sadly ended up taking her life. The song portrays the mental struggle that his friend went through, his feelings of helplessness, in that he couldn’t do anything to save his sister. The mental battle was huge for them both, and to this day, he still shows the deep scars of this horrible disease called cancer. This song will be relatable to many who listen, as we are all very aware of the impacts of losing a loved one, let alone to cancer.
    5. HIGHWAY 95: She plays
      ‘She Plays’ is an original song written by Bob Derschow and Nicole Bylund from Highway 95. It’s about someone who gambled their life away, made the wrong choices, and lost the things, or people in their life that mattered the most. It’s a relatable song, as everyone knows someone who’s made the wrong choices in life and paid the price, or maybe that someone is you. The main punch line of this song is, when the devil ‘She Plays’ there is a fair chance you’re gonna lose.
    6. LYNCHBURG & THE WEEPING WILLOWS: Together with you
      Lynchburg and The Weeping Willows are two of Australia’s most authentic classic country acts. They are proud to release another bluegrass collaboration. Last year’s release, ‘Until This Song Ends’ enjoyed major chart success and got the two groups a joint nomination for the Bluegrass Golden Guitar. The new recording, ‘Together With You’ is a Caswell/ Waddington classic written in the, by now, typical Lynchburg style. “I walked in to the Kross Kut studios and Waddo already had the basic tune and several instruments down. The tune cried out for a really traditional lyric. After the success last year with the Willows, it was an easy decision to try it again. We love the Willows because they fully support our motto “How Country Do You Want It?” With Andy and Waddo’s stellar playing and the way Cas and Laura’s voices blend, ‘Together With You’ was always going to be a special record … the fact that it was also a lot of fun was a bonus. Lynchburg and The Weeping Willows are denying that they are forming a supergroup called the Lynchwillows but are very keen to work together again soon.
    7. SHELLY JONES BAND (feat. LESTER TREUER): One night at a time
      The Shelly Jones Band (Shelly and Lester) are a multi-award-winning husband and wife duo from the Mid North Coast of NSW with a string of number one hits on the Australian Country Songs Airplay Chart. This latest release, ‘One Night at a Time’, is a beautiful melodic country ballad featuring the superb vocals of Lester (the other half of the Shelly Jones Band!). In typical Shelly Jones Band style, they have applied their own unique style to this popular song that was originally released by one of their favourite country music artists, George Strait.
    8. BENN GUNN: Let their voice be heard
      Benn Gunn is an Australian country rock artist who performs his own brand of Aussie Heartland Rock. He is a fair dinkum Aussie who has played nearly every major country music festival in Australia. Benn’s new single brings light to the history of indigenous Australians and the bright new future all Australians can create by coming together to make a brand new start. ‘Let Their Voice Be Heard’ starts as a serious ballad then, in the second verse, powers into an up-tempo, celebratory anthem. Benn is a great believer in treating the people you meet with kindness and respect and giving everyone a fair go.
    9. NEIL ANTHONY: Never pass this way again
      This is one for the toe-tappers! Neil Anthony’s latest original song release, ‘Never Pass This Way Again’, is an upbeat vibe with a message of hope. The song has lush production including rich harmonies and catchy guitar riffs. Great for radio.
    10. JESSIE CHE: In my hands
      I wrote this song on New Years Day, 2022. I'd just logged off from a live stream by two amazing songwriters I admire so much… Gretchen Peters & Mary Gauthier. I’d only days before finished Mary’s book “Saved By a Song” (a truly great read if you love books) it's about her journey to sobriety through songs. I was mesmerised watching how these women seemed to be their true selves with their music, and it made me think about how much music (and my guitar) had put me back together, stronger after life experiences that had broken my heart and brought me to my knees. So, I decided to write a gratitude song to my guitar and reflected on how music helps people be their best selves.
    11. BRIDGET PROSS: Don´t work as hard as you
      “I wrote this song, ‘Don’t Work As Hard As You’ for my latest album, ‘Black Is The Colour’. It’s influenced by being involved in relationships throughout my life where you don’t feel valued and appreciated as a woman.” “From being a stay-at-home Mum to a work-on-the-weekends chick, I wanted to highlight the fact that, just because some women might not have a 9 to 5 job, it certainly does not mean that we don’t work as hard!”
    12. THE BLUE SHAMROCKS: Gypsy time
      From the NTSH - NOTHIN' TO SEE HERE album.

      Brisbane band, the Blue Shamrocks, after their charting release single ‘Weekend Stroll’, offer their original single, ‘Gypsy Time’, a crackin’ country music track with mythical connotations that combines the art of a fun jive style country beat. The song is taken from their forthcoming album ‘NTSH – Nothin’ To See Here’, which follows on from their album – ‘TTT Tap Those Toes.’ ‘Gypsy Time’ is essentially a mythical song, which explores self-imaginative dreamy themes of song and dance. As the band have said about the subject matter of the song: “The lyrics were written for people who have an imaginative vision within the realm of time and space with thoughts and vision, and within one’s own time of self-relaxation”. The message is to conjure a fantasy for a short time, which doesn’t get in the way of telling a complex tale with a simplicity that’s as endearing as it is tangible.
    13. DONNA FISK: Mickey Newbury
      Donna Fisk writes ‘Mickey Newbury’, a very personal song & true story on the way home from a farewell. One last ride for my friend Kevin on the back of his beloved Ute, to the march of ‘AMERICAN TRILOGY’ ….. Memories remain of the good times, all that he was and all that he is in his absence. I understood the enormity of the loss of someone you couldn’t bear to lose from this world. Why the reference to the last Mickey Newbury fan? Of course, he wasn’t & most certainly won’t be the last, but he was a dedicated lover of his music who felt alone with his passion as the years rolled on in the rich red dirt hills heart of Victoria, Australia. “It’s truly an honour”, says Donna, “after dedicating the song to his family they chose the last words etched on his gravestone, “The Last Mickey Newbury Fan”. Check out the compelling video that accompanies the song with a cameo appearance starring Stephen, son of Kevin firing up Kev’s original John Deere ..
      ‘The Friends We Lost Too Soon’ is undeniably a very special project, combining the talents of some of Australian Country Music’s absolute legends on a lovingly created traditional bush ballad. “The vocals were recorded in a session that was as much four mates catching up as it was a serious recording session. As Terry pointed out, with Chad in his 90s, Terry in his 80s, Cas in his 70s and Waddo approaching 50 we are easily Australia’s oldest band with nearly 300 years’ experience between us.” The track is a real celebration. For Chad, it was 71 years since his first recording … a record that is unlikely to ever be broken. TG is a relative newcomer; he has only been making records for 61 years. Cas and Waddo wrote the song with Manfred Vijars and felt it was an idea that spoke to everyone. ‘The Friends We Lost Too Soon’ was a joy to work on, both for the jokes and stories flying around the studio and the memories it brought back for everyone involved. You can hear in everyone’s performance that they were singing to The Friends We Lost Too Soon.
    15. ALLAN CASWELL: Things I should´ve told you
      Allan Caswell’s new single, ‘Things I Should’ve Told You’ is a very special song. He wrote the song with his wife Marian, and it is based on an idea she had about a having a song based on the letter read by the family lawyer before the reading of the will. “Marian gave me a bunch of lines, which I worked into the lyric … I was the bricklayer on this project … Things I Should’ve Told You runs through all the emotions. It’s happy, sad, philosophical, and laced with a bent sense of gallows humour.” Caswell recorded the track as a birthday present for Marian, with Lindsay Waddington producing and Waddo and Brendan Radford joining him on guitars and mandolin. ‘Things I Should’ve Told You’ is a song towards a new Allan Caswell solo album but with a new Lynchburg album close to release and a couple of other special projects with Waddo coming up … there is no big hurry.
    16. ANDREW RYAN: Livin´ country fun
      ‘Livin’ Country Fun’ is the latest release from Andrew Ryan’s debut album, ‘Blacktown’. A Country Rock song that is written around Australian Country youth lifestyle, a bunch of mates in the bush with their dogs, utes and their favourite camping spot. They’re living their best lives when they’re ‘Livin’ Country Fun’.
    17. MICHELLE LITTLE: Crazy
      ‘Crazy’ is the latest single from songstress, Michelle Little. Lifted from her 2016 album, ‘Michelle Little Sings the Songs of Patsy Cline’, Michelle’s version of the Willie Nelson penned tune is the first from the album to be offered on streaming services. The release of “Crazy” also comes just weeks before Michelle’s return to her beloved Patsy Cline tribute show at Qirkz In The Hunter on September 9th. This will be the first time Michelle will perform her tribute show since the COVID19 pandemic began and will mark the icon’s 91st birthday. Michelle said, “I hope by releasing my version of ‘Crazy’ and doing this birthday show thatpeople will remember what a fantastic artist Patsy Cline was. I guess I’m just a fan trying to keep her music alive”.
    18. SCOTTY MACK: Beers like bullets
      I just wanted to tell my story of a time in my life where the pain of a relationship breakdown led me into a downward spiral and turning to alcohol to numb the pain for many years and getting lost in alcoholism. A true story of how I lost myself and spent so long locked in my house and drinking to numb the pain, and if it wasn't for my close friends I would still be that person. Thankfully, I managed to claw my way back to finding my true self and who I was after writing the song, and if you're struggling you can too.
    19. ANITA SPRING: I honestly love you
      Talented Vocalist and Songwriter Anita Spring brings the iconic hit of Olivia Newton-John to life in her version of ‘I Honestly Love You’. This heartfelt version is a continuation of Anita's tribute to Olivia in her live show, ‘Forever Olivia'. Anita has been paying tribute to Olivia for the past three years and so she thought recording her favourite ONJ song was the perfect way to keep Olivia's memory alive. "I love singing ‘I Honestly Love You’ live and so this was the perfect choice to record, I hope you like it!"

      BLANDADE ARTISTER  Kim´s World Records (A)
    Datum:31-08-2023Label: LampmusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 
    1. KIM TERRY GLOVER: My heart needs to know
    2. UNCLE PHIL NEWTON: This pen
    3. STEVE HUGHES: Tell me that you love me tonight
    4. MAGGIE COLE: One more day
    5. KIM TERRY GLOVER: My brother before me
    6. UNCLE PHIL NEWTON: Get my mojo back
    7. KIM TERRY GLOVER: Let´s all meet up there
    8. UNCLE PHIL NEWTON: Saturday morning
    9. MAGGIE COLE: Appalachian mile
    10. UNCLE PHIL NEWTON: Rest your heart on me
    11. DON CROUSE: Dip me in the water
    12. BARRI ARMITAGE: After you suffer awhile

      LUSTANS LAKEJER  Mörk Materia Deluxe - Bonus (mixar) (A)
    Datum:31-08-2023Label: Hemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-08
    Lustans Lakejer firar 100 år av åtrå (Johan Kinde 60. Lustans Lakejer 40) och släpper "Mörk Materia Deluxe".

    Lustans Lakejer består 2023 av:
    • Johan Kinde: sång, gitarr
    • Christer Hellman: trummor
    • Anders Ericson: gitarr, kör
    • Julian Brandt: bas, kör
    • Fredrik Helander: synthesizer, kör
    • Fredrik Hermansson: piano, synthesizer

      RUSSELL LYNCH and DENNIS SCOTT  Memories (S)
    Datum:31-08-2023Label: Hemsida: www.russelllynchmusic.comReleasedatum: 2023-03-13
    This is Russell Lynch. I have teamed up with Dennis Scott to write and record our latest single, Memories. Memories has been nominated for Vocal Event of the Year by the Josie Music Awards which are to take place at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville TN. in October. Please give it a listen and hopefully you will like it enough to add it to your show.

      JAMES MASON  Heartbreak & Honkytonks (S)
    Datum:31-08-2023Label: Glory Train RecordsHemsida: Releasedatum: 
    Writers: James Mason / Larry Wilson

      LASSE EDIN  Rock´n Roll Will Never Die (S)
    Datum:31-08-2023Label: Talking MusicHemsida: Releasedatum: 2023-09-01
    Lasse Edin mest känd för en av Edin Ådahl som vann Melodifestival i Sverige 1990 Och dessutom ca 10 år sedan han släppte sin senaste egna CD. Nu kommer uppföljaren ”Rock ´n Roll Will Never Die”.


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